Use of Design Tab in MS Word

The Design Tab in MS Word is used to design a Word document. With the help of the commands present in it, the user document’s Themes, Style Set, Color, Fonts, Page Background, etc. You can change as per your requirement.

Design Tab is the third number tab in MS Word. You will be able to use all the commands present inside the tab by clicking on them with the help of the mouse. The Design Tab was first included in Word 2013.

Use of Design Tab in MS Word
Use of Design Tab in MS Word

Let’s understand all the commands and their functions in the Design Tab.

Commands Groups of Design Tab and their Function

Only two sections or Command Groups are given inside the Design Tab. In which Document Formatting and Page Background section are included. Let’s know about them.

Document Formatting

This section inside the Insert Tab is about formatting the document so that it is visible and easy to read. With the help of the Document Formatting section, users can change the Themes, Styles, Colors, Fonts, Paragraph Spacing, and Theme Effects of the page in just one click.

Below is a little more detail about these commands.

Themes – With the help of this option, you can apply multiple themes to your document. As soon as you choose a theme, you will see a lot of changes in the entire document.

Style Set – You can change the style of the entire document by choosing from the given various Style Sets.

Colors – Use this option to change the colors of the selected theme.

Fonts – You can choose a new font set to change the style of all the texts in the document.

Paragraph Spacing – Use this option to increase or decrease the space between paragraphs in the document.

Effects – Click this option to give different effects to the objects in your document.

Set as Default – Click on this option to apply the current look of your document to all your new documents.

Page Background

With the help of the feature given in this section, users can add borders, colours, etc to the background of their document page. Let us know about the names of the options included in the Page Background section and their functions.

Watermark – Use this option to put a watermark in the background of the document page.

Page Color – Click on this option to add different colors to the background of the page.

Page Border – This option is used to put Border and Shading in the page.

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