Uses of Computer

Uses of Computer In today’s post, we are going to tell you that Uses of Computer so let’s see

Uses of Computer
Uses of Computer

Uses of Computer

Below are examples of some main areas where computer usage is most common: –

1. Used in daily life

2. Use in the field of education

3. Use in the field of medicine

4. Used in the field of banking

5. Used in the field of business

6. Used in government offices

7. Use in the field of entertainment

8. Use in defense and military sector

9. Use in the field of sports

10. Used in the field of journalism

11. Used in the field of industry

12. Use in science and research

13. Use in the field of communication

14. Used in the field of marketing

1. Use of Computer in Daily Life (At Home)

Computers used in homes are called Personal Computer (PC). When PC was launched in 1981, there has been a huge change in the way people work. Overall, Computer changed a person’s life completely by saving time.

2. Computer used in the field of education (In Education)

Computer is also used well in the field of education. Today, many educational institutions have smart classrooms, in which the teaching and learning process of a school is improved with the help of computers. Apart from this, e-classroom is also becoming increasingly popular for getting education.

3. Use in the field of medicine (In Healthcare)

Computer has played an important role in the modernization of the medical field. The use of computers has greatly improved the way a patient is diagnosed and treated in Hospitals. Keeping records of patients and medicines has also become very easy with the use of computer.

City scans, X-rays, eye tests and surgeries etc. of the patient in the medical field today. Computers play an important role in doing this.

4. Use of Computer in Banking (In Banking Sector)

Computer is used in banks for different reasons. Then, whether to keep the information of the customer’s account, extract the passbook or bank statement print of the account holder, keep track of the transactions made by the account holder. Banks use computers for all these tasks.

ATM machine Through which we withdraw and deposit money, it is also a kind of computer. Internet banking is also a method by which people can transact at any time.

5. Use of Computer in Business (In Business)

Every businessman is using computer to make business big. Computer has become an essential tool in business. Here, Computer is used by companies to make the product development, marketing and products distribution process easy and effective.

6. Used in government offices (In Government)

Government departments also use computers to perform their functions. Computers are used by government to manage the records of citizens and government employees.

7. Use of Computer in Entertainment

We all use computers extensively for entertainment. Whether it is watching movies, playing online games, or listening to music, computer is the main thing to do all these activities.

8. Used in defense and military sector (In Defense Military)

Computers play a very important role in the field of defense. Operations such as tracking enemy missiles and setting targets are carried out with the help of computer. Computers are also used to control military vehicles. For example, Fighter plans and Tanks are used to set and destroy targets.

Computer simulations are used to train soldiers, in which they receive military training without harming the soldiers. Apart from this, the location of the enemy army is tracked with the help of GPS tracking.

9. Computer use in sports (In Sports)

Even though Sports is a physical activity, computers are used for various purposes in this area. Sports teams and other organizations use computers to track scores, record players, create virtual playing fields, and model new sports techniques and methods

10. Use of Computer in Journalism (In Journalism)

Journalism is an area where perhaps Computer has the most work. Modern journalism is completely dependent on computers. From writing a news story to publishing it on the web, all the work is done on the computer. Today, people prefer to read news from news websites and blogs than to read traditional newspapers. Today, reading or watching online news has become so popular with the increasing use of computers in the field of journalism.

11. Use of Computer in Industry (In Industry)

Computer is used extensively in industries . For example, in the automobile industry, computer-controlled robots are used to assemble cars.

12. Use of Computer in Science and Research (In Science Research)

Computers have been used since the beginning in the field of science and research. They are used a lot to collect and process scientific data. In the field of science, computers are also used extensively for research and development.

13. Use of Computer in Communication (In Communication)

Computer is a very important tool for worldwide communication. Today, the way people communicate has changed completely with its use.

14. Use of Computer in Marketing (In Marketing)

Marketing professionals use the computer to increase the sale or promote the seedness of a product. They mainly use computers to plan, manage and monitor marketing campaigns.


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