How to remove Video Background

In today’s post Video Background Remove Karne Wala App we will show you How to remove Video Background. I’m going to tell you about it.

Removing background from an image is quite an easy task as there is a lot of software that can be used for the same.

Nowadays, there are many free tools available online to remove image backgrounds. However, in the case of videos or GIFs, removing the background becomes a tedious task.

Over the past few months, I have shared some great tools to quickly remove background from images.

It’s very easy to separate the background from a picture, but when we don’t work with videos, things get complicated – unless you use this app for yourself.

How to remove Video Background

Unscreen is a free tool that you can use to remove the background from any video clip you store on your computer. Just upload your video and Unscreen will remove the background.

This free online tool automatically removes the background from a video or GIF quickly and easily.


Unscreen to remove the background is simple. Upload a clip from your computer or use a pre-selected GIF and the background is automatically removed.

Once the background is removed, Unscreen lets you replace the pre-selected animated background, background color, with an image or you can leave it transparent. The pre-selected backgrounds are interesting and easily applied with a single click.

To download this clip, select the download button. GIF is saved as a GIF by default, use the drop-down arrow on the Download button to save as a Zip file of a GIF, Animated PNG or a single PNG frame.

The free version supports .mp4, .webm, .ogg, .mov, .gif file uploads.

Video Background
Video Background

The processed video is 5 seconds long (10 seconds if you sign up) and a resolution of 360p, and has an Unscreen watermark in the lower right corner. Even if you upload a very long video, you will see the video result only for the first 5 seconds after it is processed.

Processing time depends on the size of the video and the speed of your internet connection. Short videos processed surprisingly fast for me.

Unscreen is a new tool created by the same people who run the popular background removal tool remove.

If you want to make a quick, easy or funny GIF, give it a try.

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