WAN Full Form – What is WAN (Wide Area Network)

Today in this post, we are going to tell you that WAN Full Form – What is WAN (Wide Area Network), so friends, to know about WAN, we must read this post till the end. Let’s see WAN Full Form – What is WAN

WAN Full Form - What is WAN (Wide Area Network)
WAN Full Form – What is WAN (Wide Area Network)

WAN Full Form

WAN Full FormWide Area Network
WAN Full Form

WAN full form in computer

WAN full form in computer is Wide Area Network ( Wide Area Network ). 3G / 4g / 5g internet is used in our computer or mobile. That is the same Wan network.

The cost of setting up this network is very high.

What is Internet?

What is Internet connection sharing?

What is www?

What is WAN

Wide area network (WAN) is a computer network. Which is spread across a wide geographical area. There can be many small networks in wide. Such as local area network (LAN) and metropolitan area network (MAN). Its WAN networking can also be called.

It is related to wide area network only. Which is considered a little more than a LAN network. The name of wide area network is mostly used in internet.

How Internet Works. There are many types of networks for that. There are three tier networks in the internet – LAN, MAN and WAN. These three thar networks connect the world over to the internet.

What is Network interface card

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What is Network hub

Definition of Wide Area Network

WAN (Wide Area Network) is one such network. Which is used in large area. It is not limited to just one city or area. Rather it can connect the whole world at once.

WAN network is a large network. A good example of this network – internet.

It is used to connect local area network and other networks with each other. So that a user can sit in one place and communicate with the user remotely through his computer.

It helps to reach the network from one country to another. There are many networks in WAN. Such as Large Corporate Network, Banking Networks, Railway Reservation Network, Airline Reservation Network, these are all WAN networks. Because it includes Sonet, Framerelay, Atm Etc. Technology like that is used.

What is Networking devices?

What is Computer network?

What is Networking Switch?

WAN Network feature

1.Wide area network transmission speed is less compared to LAN and MAN.

2. The advantage of this network is that there is no need to store data backup in local system. In this, all the data is stored in the online data center. Which can be easily accessed from WAN.

3. Maintaining this computer network is not easy. Expert technicians require a large team.

4. This network is quite large. So that if ever there are many problems in this network. So it takes more time to solve.

5. WANs are interconnected with mobile phones, computers and other devices.

Difference between LAN and WAN

The full form of the LAN is the local area network.The WAN has the fullform Wide Area Network.
It uses connectivity techniques like ethernet and tokens.wan frame for connectivity for long distance relay and uses techniques like x 25. < / td>
lan is a computer network. Which covers a small geographic area. Like home office etc.wan is a computer network. Which spreads the internet all over the world.
lan has more speed.wan speed is slower than lan.
Difference between LAN और WAN

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