What are keywords in Python?

Today in this post, we are going to tell you about the keyword in python. To know about the keyword in Python, read our posts till the end. Let’s see what are the keywords in Python.

What are keywords in Python
What are keywords in Python

What is Python?

Python is a high level programming language. It is used for great things. That is, python is an object oriented, high level programming.

which is used Website building, & nbsp; App development, machine learning , data analysis, Web Scraping and natural language processing is done in etc.

Python is also called general purpose programming language. It started in the 1980s.

Python language has made it the most due to its clear syntax and readability. It gives the option of language dynamic typing and dynamic binding.

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What are keywords in Python?

1. In computer programming predefine words are set. Which is called keyword.

2. The rule set to use each keyword is called & nbsp; syntax .

3. Python contains keyword, special reserved words.

4. Each keyword has a special meaning. And there is a specific operation. Because the name of any keyword is not used for any identifier (eg function, variable, class name, etc.) in python program.

5. Python contains 32 keyword predefine.

Python keywords

1. None: – This indicates the null value. zero and empty list are considered none.

2. True: – It represents boolean true. True shows if true. This is assumed to be a value of none zero.

3. False: – This represents boolean false. If false, false shows.

4 . And: – It is used to check many conditions.

ABA and B

5.or: – If either of the two conditions is true. So it returns true.

ABA and B

6. Not: – This is oppsite of true value.

ANot A

7. def: – It is used to declare the function.

8. Continue: – It is used to stop the execution of current iteration.

9. if: – It is used to represent the condition statement.

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