What is 5V Relay?

What to know What is 5V Relay? . 5v relay is one such devices. Which turns the electricity supply of a circuit on and off. That is called relay.

The relay is powered by electricity. It is an electric-powered switch. And it can turn the electric supply on or off in any circuit. Like normal switch is used in our house. But to use the relay, the relay has to be given an electric supply.

What is 5V Relay?
What is 5V Relay?

Only then does the relay do its work. Today in this post, we will know that 5V Relay, friends, you will know that we must read our post to the end.

What is 5V Relay?

It is a switching device. Which can be controlled by giving external voltage. External voltage also includes 5V DC, 12V DC, 10V AC, 220V AC, 24V DC and 440V AC. Which control devices have to be assigned to which switching devices to relay. It depends on the relay coil. It is used in the control circuit.

Relay requires two things

  1. NO (normally open)
  2. NC (normally close)

Parts of relay

The relay has 5 parts. Its part is explained below: –

1- Armature

2- Yoke

3- Contact

4- Spring

5- Coil


Connecting armature common terminal to nc contact and no contact reduces.


yoke is the only part outside.


It is used in time swtiching of no, nc.


When the relay closes. So it connects the armature to the nc contact.


The coil armature works by connecting to no contact.

How does Relay work?

relay works very simply. It needs a coil to work. And it turns NC contact into no contact. It needs electricity to work. The controlling voltage is required to control the relay coil. There is a plunger or plate along with its coil. Then when a magnetic field is formed. Which makes NO contact and NC contact.

According to volt

Latching Relay

Multi-Voltage Relays

Force-Guided Contacts Relay

Polarized Relay

Time Delay Relay

Overload Protection Relay

Vacuum Relays

Mercury-Wetted Relay


Mercury Relay

Machine Tool Relay

Safety RelaysCoaxial

RelayStatic Relay

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