What is a hard disk? type and usage of hard disk

What is a hard disk? type and usage of hard disk A computer has a hard disk. Everyone will know this. But why hard disk is used. Only a few people will know this.

What is a hard disk type and usage of hard disk
What is a hard disk type and usage of hard disk

Hard Disk is the storage of poison. In which the computer saves all the files. That is, the computer needs space to store documents, photos, software, videos etc.

If the computer does not have a hard disk. So computer cannot save any data or information. And there can be no data copy or paste in any of the other devices.

Because there is no place in the computer. For this reason, the computer has a hard disk. Let’s know What is a hard disk? type and usage of hard disk

What is a hard disk?

Hard disk, also known as hard disk drive. It is non – volatile memory hardware devices . Its job is to permanently store and retrieve data in the computer. This is called non volatile devices. Which stores the data in the computer for a very long time.

means that the computer keeps data safe even after power off. Hard disks are also known as secondary storage devices. It stays inside the computer case and is connected to the computer motherboard using data cable (PATA, SCSI, SATA).

Hard disk magnetic storage is used to store and complete digital information. Hence it is called Electro mechanical data storage device. The hard disk consists of one or more circular rotating disks to store data.

Each platter has a thin plate. Which is made using magnetic material. A lot of track and sector live in these platters and it rotates through the spindle. When the platter starts moving. So a read and write arm on the hard disk moves left – right over it.

Its work is to read and write data from platter. Its speed is measured in RPM (Revolution Per Minute) . That is, how many rounds did the platter take in a minute. Most hard disks range from 5400 RPM to 7200 RPM.

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It can store up to 3. 14 mb of data on the floppy disk to store the information in the first computer used by the hard disk. Rather the hard disk has the capacity to store many terabytes of data. Ramac (Ramdom Access method of accounting and control) was the first hard disk to be invented in 1956 at IBM.

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Types of Hard Disk

Hard Disk is of four types

1. PATA (Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment)

This is the oldest hard disk. Which was first used on Sun 1986. The ATA interface standard is used to connect to the PATA Hard Disk computer.

It was earlier referred to as Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE). It is a medium speed hard disk, its data transfer rate is only up to 133MB / s. It stores data using Drive magnetism.

2. SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)

This type of hard disk you will find in most computers and laptops. A PATA drive Compare data transfer rate of SATA hard disk Is more.

Its speed is from 150MB / s to 600MB / s. SATA cables are very thin and flexible. is. Which is quite good for PATA cable.

3.SCSI (Small Computer System Interface)

This way use a small computer system interface to connect to the hard disk compute. This is quite parallel to the IDE hard drive. New versions (16-bit ultra – 640) of Hard Disk have a data transfer speed of up to 640 MBps. It is connected to 16 devices by a 12-meter cable.

4. SSD (Solid State Drives)

It comes in the most recent drive. All these are quite good and fast in comparison to Hard Disk Device. SSD uses flash memory technology to store data.

Its data access speed is very fast. It costs much more than a HDD drive.

Hard disk parts

Below are some of the major components of Hard Disk

1. ACTUATOR : – With its help, the read and write arm rotates.

2. READ-WRITE ARM : – Read is the back side of the right head, both of them connect.

3. SPINDLE : – is a type of moter, it lives in the middle of the platter. With its help, the platters spin.

4. MAGNETIC PLATTERS is an important part of it. In which digital information is stored from magnetized. It has data save in Binary form (0 to 1).

5. READ / WRITE HEAD: – There is a small magnet, which is located in front of the Read right arm. It moves from left to right above the platter and works to record and store the information.

6. CIRCUIT BOARD Controls the effect of data from the platter.

7. CONNECTOR delivers data from the circuit board to read-write and platter.

8. LOGIC BOARD is a type of chip that controlls all information input or output from an HDD.

9. HSA Read right arm has a parking area.

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