What is a speaker? How does the speaker work

What is a speaker? You must have seen the speaker. There are also speakers in your computer, either you will be seen in the doors of your railway stations and also in the hall of the movie. There will be many such people among you who will know that What is a speaker? and how it works.

This post is going to give complete information about the speaker. There are many different types of speakers available in the market. Whose size, power, sound quality, shape etc are different. Let us know that What is a speaker?

What is a speaker?
What is a speaker?

What is a speaker?

Both speaker or loudspeaker are output devices. Which is used in the computer system. That is, by connecting to the computer, the sound is used to listen. Some special types of speakers have been made to connect to the computer. And can connect another speaker to any device.

Regardless of the design of the speaker, its main job is to generate audio output. Whose man can listen to? These speakers have been used for many years. It is used to convert the electrical signal into sound waves.

The speaker has its own range according to its quality. The sound which emits from the computer speaker. It is made from the sound card from the signals computer.

In 1981, IBM created the first internet computer. Whose sound quality was not very good.

how the speaker works

The speaker converts electromagnetic waves into sound waves. The input is received only after receiving the computer or audio. This input can be of two types. The first is analog and the second is digital and the second is digital.

Analog speaker : – The analog speaker can easily convert electromagnetic waves into sound waves.

Digital speaker: – Digital speaker converts the digital signal into analog single, then the analog sound wave emits. The frequency it emits is measured by fluctuations.

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