What is ARPANET?

What is ARPANET? In today’s post, we are going to tell you about ARPANET. So guys read this post till the end.

What is ARPANET?
What is ARPANET?

full form of ARPANET

The full form of Arpanet is Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.

Meaning of ARPANET

It is a WAN (white area network). Which was discovered in 1968 by the (ARPA) Advanced research projects agency. It is therefore discovered. Because at that time the employees of D O D (department of defense) did not have any facility to share data among themselves. With the help of this D O D (department of defense), Arpanet was discovered.

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What is ARPANET?

Arpanet’s full name is Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. It was the world’s first packet-switching network. This was the first network in the world. In which the TCP / IP model is used.

Arpanet was a network in which the Internet was first started. That concept was published in 1967, then according to that the ARPANET (ARPA) was developed in the direction of Advanced Research Projects Agency. Then there was an idea of ​​1969 which started by connecting four universities. Today it has become a reality.

In Arpanet, a single network is connected to multiple computers. And to communicate this, & nbsp; packet switching technology is used.

In earlier times, the purpose of making this was that all the institutions have to communicate and & nbsp; share & nbsp; information and resources of shared computers between connected users.

Different methods are used to send this information and resources to small units (which are packets) in Arpanet. In which packet is sent to a different path and reconstruct these packets at destination Is done.

Sometime later 1970 & nbsp; TCP / IP was developed in The size of the network can also be expanded in this. Then in the year 1990 & nbsp; computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web With this, the internet and network are recognized.

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