What is ATX – ATX full form

In today’s post, we are going to tell you What is ATX – ATX full form. Read this post till the end to know about ATX. Let’s see What is ATX – ATX full form

What is ATX - ATX full form
What is ATX – ATX full form

ATX full form

ATX full formAdvanced Technology extended
Advanced Technology extended

ATX full form in computer

ATX full form in HindiAdvanced Technology extended
ATX full form in computer

What is ATX?

The full form of ATX is Advanced Technology extended. ATX is developed by Intel. This is a Motherboard Form Factor Specification. An evolutionary design in ATX was more economical than the previous AT form factor. A full-size ATX Board 12 × 9.6 Inch ballot is 305 × 244 Mm.

is an abbreviation for ATX (Advanced Technology Extended). It is an industry-wide design pattern for the Motherboard and Power supply arrangement design of Desktop Computers.

In 1995, it was already developed in impact standards like At design and designed and built by Intel to progress.

The ATX Motherboard design is developed by a smaller AT Motherboard. Which was a former industry standard and was designed by the 90 Degree microprocessor and Expansion slots.

Rotation process enables space for add-in cards with extra full length. This is a double-height aperture noted behind the frame.

which enables complementary possible input/ output measures for a chain of devices such as Tv input and Output lan connection and so forth. The original design pattern is also estimated to be less expensive to make. This requires less number of cables.

What is Motherboard

Motherboard Computer Hardware का एक Part होता है. जिसे PC का Backbone भी कहते है या अधिक Suitable Mother के रूप में जो सभी Port को एक साथ रखता है.

Motherboard के नाम से ही पता मालूम होता है क़ी एक Motherboard सभी दुसरे Parts की Mother है. अगर दूसरे शब्दों में कहा जाये तो Computer में हर चीज Motherboard से ही Connect रहती है.

What is a motherboard?

Features of ATX

1. It is a digital ignition, ie it has a button instead of a mechanical switch like its Predecessors.

2. In this, some models integrate a Rear Mechanical switch to avoid unnecessary consumption of electric energy. Thereby preventing a standby state that uses a small amount of electricity.

3. These types of sources are integrated from Intel® Pentium MMX Microprocessor equipment with the most modern Microprocessor in equipment.

4. Closure of Sources of this type Software .

Advantages of ATX

1. The ATX Motherboard has additional options when there are large options available.

2. The full-size ATX motherboard has space to include additional ports – including includes USB , PCI and SATA slots.

3. Switching and installing modules is easy on an ATX Board. There is extra space between the modules, and the ports on the board are usually explicitly labeled.

4.Full-size ATX boards can retain extra power, which users are fond of overclocking their video card or processor.

Disadvantages of ATX

1.Micro atx motherboard does not have space for many video cards. Which are perfect for the hard-core pc gamer, which Advance computer user requires a huge amount of computing power. Or someone who wants to operate multiple ranges, the computer monitors at once.

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