What is bitcoin mining?

Do you know What is bitcoin mining? Bitcoin rate keeps increasing day by day. Anyone who has Bitcoin. Then it will be a garland.

What is bitcoin mining
What is bitcoin mining

Have you ever wondered where this bitcoin comes from and how to circulate it. If you know about this then it is a good thing and if you do not know, then in our post today, what is bitcoin mining in Hindi and how it works.

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Bitcoin Mining does both things, such as adding new transactions to the blockchain. Bitcoin also releases from the new ready. In Bitcoin Mining, the task is to compile the main recent transactions and block them. And computationally difficult puzzle has to solve.

The first person who resolves the contest gets this chance. Let’s know that What is bitcoin mining

What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining has its own name like Gold Mine here but Mining means something else, here it means that such a process takes place. The transaction is processed using Computing Power. In this, the network is kept started and everyone who connects to it. All are synchronized in the same system.

This is a Bitcoin Data is like a centre but it is a Decentralized system. Which is controlled by Miners located all over the world. No one here can control it.

It is called a Decentralized system because it cannot be controlled by any one individual. Here, instead of gold mining, Transaction also gets the prize for processing.

In this, the quicker and the more amount of work done, the one gets the award accordingly. Bitcoin mining is not only used to create new bitcoin, but also contributes to other tasks like sending bitcoin from one wallet to another, so bitcoin mining will continue even after the last bitcoin has been mined.

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