What is blog ? How to start your blog in 2021

What is blog Hello, friends, in today’s post, what is blog And in this post on how to start your blog in 2021, we are going to tell you about the blog? And how can you guys create your own blog in 2021?

You should have knowledge of anything before starting a blog. You can start your own blog on anything. If you do not know what a is a blog, what is blogging, and what is a blogger? So to know this, we must read this post completely. So let’s see what is blog?

what is blog
what is blog

What is blog?

A blog is a type of website. Which people use a digital diary. On which you can explain people with all your information, image and video.

Who writes content in the blog. That is called a blog post. A blog can have many posts. You can also make your blog private. So that no one can read your blog.

Most blogs on the Internet are public. And all other information is also public. Which any person can read. Anyone person or team can run a blog.

Nowadays, big corporate blogging internet has arrived. And he shares any post on his blog. There is a whole team of people to do this work. You can share your blog posts on Google, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Benefits of making a blog

Below, we have told you the advantages of the blog, if you want to start a blog in 2021, then you are going to get a lot of benefit. Such as: –

1. If you make a good blog. And write good content in it. So you can get an author status.

2. With the blog, you can keep your knowledge in front of the whole world.

3. With the help of blogs, you can increase your follow on social media (facebook, twitter, etc).

4. You guys can start online business with a blog.

5. Writing the blog post increases your skill a lot.


In today’s post, we have given you complete information about what is blog. In this post, we have given you what is a blog and what is the benefit of a blog?

We hope you all liked our post. We always try to give you as much information as possible. In this article, we have tried to give you all kinds of information. So, at least share this post on facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

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