What is Blu ray Disc (in 2021)

What is Blu ray Disc:

What is Blu ray Disc?
What is Blu ray Disc?

What is Blu ray Disc?

Blu ray disc is an optical disc. For example, CDs and DVDs are used to store data, high definition video record and play. If compared to blu ray disc than CD or DVD. So cd has storage capacity up to 700 mb. And DVD has storage capacity up to 8 GB. The same blu ray disc has a storage capacity of up to 28 GB.

Its storage capacity is to support higher resolution, advas video and audio format than a dvd. The blu ray disc was developed by 13 big electronic companies together. Which is called BD association.

Its companies include Dell, Hittachi, HP, LG, Panasonic and sony etc companies. blu ray disc was first introduced during an electronic show in January 2006.

How does Blu ray disc work?

CDs or DVDs are read and write with red laser light. Therefore, it cannot store much data. To read and write blu ray disc with blue laser light is blu light.

His wave lenght is also less. For this reason, you can do less space.

Blu ray disc Price

Single density is very easily found in the blu ray disc market. Its storage capcity is up to 25 gb. It costs at least 1000 – 1500.

The blu ray disc of Double density lives in the market. Its storage is up to 50 gb. Its price ranges from 3000 – 3500.

How much data can fit on Blu ray Disc

1. 25 GB Hold can in a single layer disc.

2. A double layer disc can hold 50 GB hold

How much video can fit on Blu ray Disc

1. It can fit high definition video for more than 9 hours on 50 GB disc

2. It can fit standard definition video on a 50 GB disc in about 23 hours.

Advantage of Blu ray disc

1. You can store more data in it.

2. It is easily found in the market.

3. High quality video in it. Image can store Movie.

4. It is very affordable & nbsp; Occur.

5. It also stores more data in shorter wave lengths.

Disadvantage of Blu ray disc

1. A Blu ray player is required to use it.

2. If the blu ray disc is not kept in place, there is a fear of it getting spoiled.

3. The price of a Blu ray player is quite expensive.

4. It cannot be used without an electronic device.

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