What is Circuit Breakers? Types of Circuit Breakers

What is Circuit Breakers? Types of Circuit Breakers Switchgears are used to protect electrical machines. Circuit Breakers also live in Switchgears. Which protects the electrical machine and circuit.

What is Circuit Breakers
What is Circuit Breakers

To protect them means that Machines or Circuit & nbsp; Over load, Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Under Current and Under Voltage avoids. The Thar Circuit & nbsp; Breakers & nbsp; Is mounted before the Transformer in the Sub-Station. So that the transformer can be protected.

Electrical Circuit & nbsp; To protect electrical fuse, MCB or MCCB is used. So this is also switchgear. But fuse , MCB, or MCCB. Let’s see What is Circuit Breakers? Types of Circuit Breakers

What is Circuit Breakers?

When any fault occurs in any circuit. So it immediately disconnects the circuit from the supply voltage. And there is no loss in the circuit. When this circuit is fixed. So it automatically turns ON supply ON.

It is designed for Making Capacity and Short Circuit Rating. In the Making Capacity when any circuit fault occurs. & nbsp; The force with which the circuit is separated is seen to be the & nbsp; capacity of the force.

Short Circuit Rating Whenever a circuit becomes & nbsp; short circuit. So at that time too much current is generated in the short circuit. So circuit breakers are designed for the current of that short circuit.

Types of Circuit Breakers

  • Air Circuit Breaker A.C.B
  • Oil Circuit Breaker O.C.B
  • Air Blast Circuit Breaker A.B.C.B
  • Vacuum Circuit Breaker V.C.B
  • SF6

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