What is cloud security?

In today’s post, we are going to tell you What is cloud security but before that, you must know about cloud computing.

What is cloud security
What is cloud security

What is Cloud Computing?

The delivery of computing services through the Internet is called Cloud Computing. These services include computing resources such as networking, data storage, servers, databases and software. That is, if you store and access the data on cloud-based storage instead of a local storage device, then it is called cloud computing.

what is cloud computing

advantage of cloud computing

What is cloud security?

The security of cloud computing system is called cloud security. There are policies, procedures, control, and technology inside cloud security. Which is provided by the cloud security.

Like a cloud services provider. You provide data storage to users on the internet. Or do any application server provider for that software.

so Internet To operate any type of service or services, you have to secure the cloud platform. When the user is on any application or any services

Cloud security measure

File storage

Users use cloud computing to store, manage and share their files in a remotely hosted system. Like Google drive or Dropbox

Website Hosting

The website owner who wants to avoid the hassle of hosting the website and maintaining it. For them, cloud-based web hosting is a good option.

Cloud hosting provider hosts your website. And with this, provide your computing resources as well. This gives security to your website. And does maintenance.

Test and Development

any software and network Cloud computing is also done well in testing and development. is. Cloud services helps in checking that your software is running well or not.

Backup and Recovery

Even today many businesses and organizations backup their data manually to any storage device . In cloud-based backup you can easily backup your data. This way the data can also be recovered easily.

Cloud database

Every business needs a database. But for this you will spend a lot of money and at the same time you will also need a specialist.

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