What is Computer Ports | Types of Ports

In today’s post, we are going to tell you that What is Computer Ports | Types of Ports . These computer ports are very important in all computing devices, because they work to connect various Peripheral Devices like Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor and Printer to Computer. Let us see that What is Computer Ports | Types of Ports

What is Computer Ports Types of Ports
What is Computer Ports Types of Ports

What is Computer Ports?

A cabinet is present in the computer port, that is the connection point, in which the cable of different Peripherals is plugged in. For example, the cable connector of the keyboard is placed in the hole located on the back side of the compute cabinet. It is called Computer Port. This is the part through which the connection between the Computer and its Peripherals is established.

That is, these ports work as an interface to connect Computer and its Peripherals. This is the connection point for the computer’s input and output devices.

Therefore they are also called Input and Output Ports. Apart from this, due to these, communication with other devices of the computer is possible, hence it is also called Communication Ports .

Types of Ports

Serial Port

1.External modem and used for old computer mouse.

2. It used to be in two Edition 9 Pin, 25 Pin model.

3. Each one travels data on Second 115 Kilobit.

Parallel Port

1.It was used for Port scanner and printer.

2.It is also called Printer port. It is a 25 Pin model.

3.IEEE 1284-compliant Centronics port.

PS / 2 Port

1. Used for old computer keyboard and mouse.

2. It is also called Mouse port.

3. Most older computers provide for two PS / 2 Port Mouse and keyboard.

Universal Serial Bus (or USB) Port

1. This External Hard disk , printer, scanner, mouse, keyboard etc. Like it can connect all types of external usb device.

2. It was presented in 1997.

3. Most computers provide minimum usb port.

4. In this, the data travels at 12 Mega bit every second.

5. USB compliant devices can receive power from the USB port.

VGA Port

1. Monitor connects to any computer’s video card.

2. It consists of 15 Holes, similar to serial port connector.

3. Serial port connector consists of pins.

Power Connector

1. It is a three-pronged plug connector.

2. It connects to the computer’s power cable. Which plugs into the power bar or Wall socket.

Firewire Port

1. It transfers large amounts of data at very high speeds,

2. It adds camcorders and video equipment to the computer.

3. In this, the data travels at 400 to 800 Mega bit in one second.

4. It was discovered by Apple.

5. It has three variants: 4-pin Firewire 400 Connector, 6-Pin Firewire 400 Connector, and 9-Pin Firewire 800 Connector.

Modem Port

1.Connects a PC’s modem to the telephone network.

Ethernet Port

1. This port connects a network and high speed Internet

2. This port connects the network cable to the computer. This port resides on the Ethernet card.

3. Data runs from 10 Megabit to 1000 Megabit per Second depending on network bandwidth.

Game Port

1. This port connects a Joystick to a PC,

2. Now replaced by USB.

Digital Video Interface, DVI port

  1. Flat panel on the computer’s high-end video graphic card lcd monitor .

2. Video card is very popular among manufacturers.

<\Sockets 1.Socket microphone and Speaker to the computer’s sound card.

Computer Ports

So Computer Ports is the holes and connections on the back and front of a PC cabinet. Which allows us to connect various Peripheral Devices.

These serve as an interface to connect the main Input / output device to the computer. For this reason, they are also called Input / output ports.

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