What is computer science? Course career job Salary

In today’s post, we are going to tell you What is computer science? and how is the career in it? Also if you do a job in the field of Computer science .

What is computer science
What is computer science

So how many salaries can you get. And if you are a student and thinking about making a career in the field of Computer science, then this post is for you.

In this post of ours today, we are providing you the information that what is computer science? Course career job Salary .

What is computer science?

Computer science is such a science. In which we study about all things related to computer. Computer systems under computer science, such as hardware, system software, theory, logic data structure, programming language, algorithm etc.

Computer Science is not just about collecting information related to computer or studying the subject of the computer. Rather, with the help of computer science, we study the information related to the computer.

We can also solve problems in our life. The contribution of computer in everyday life has increased immensely.

Use of computer nowadays in every field such as Banking, stock market, school, office, university, research work intensive study, etc. All these things happen.

Computer Science, which is called CS. is a study of computer and computational system. Under which study about computer technology (hardware, software) is done. computer science, data .

in which data is indicated in the form of the program. It is not just about computers, but it is a study of computation and information. Therefore, computer science is often also called computation science and computing science .

computer science subject

  1. Database and information system
  2. Data structure and algorithm
  3. Discrete structures
  4. Web Technology
  5. Algorithm
  6. Web Technology
  7. Programming language
  8. Big data analysis
  9. E commerce
  10. Machine learning/ Artificial intelligence
  11. Bioinformatics
  12. Graphics and audio design
  13. Operating system
  14. Computer architecture

Jobs and Salary in the field of Computer Science

Computer Science Jobs

1) Computer hardware engineer – takes responsibility for design, development and testing of computer components (circuit boards, routers, memory devices etc.).

2) Software developer – make many types of software programs and do the total development, testing and maintenance of the software.

3) Computer system analyst – It assesses computer system and recommends changes in hardware and software to increase their efficiency.

4) Database administrator – Database administrator analyze and evaluate user’s data requirements. They develop and improve data resources to store and retrieve important notifications.

5) Prepare the technical structure for the web developer – website. And let’s see if the web page is accessible or not. So that it can open on all browsers.

6) Information security analyst – It creates a system to protect information networks and websites from cyber crime and other security breaches.

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