What is Conductor – The best conductor of heat

What is Conductor You must have heard about the conductor somewhere. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about what is Conductor – The best conductor of heat. So friends, read this article till the end to know about the electrical conductor.

What is Conductor - The best conductor of heat
What is Conductor – The best conductor of heat

What is Conductor

Any object from which current can flow easily. The same is called conductor. Object means aluminum, copper etc. In which current flow can happen very easily. It is used to flow current. The resistance of these items is very low. And their conductor capacity is very high. Therefore, these items are used.

“An object that provides a way for electric current to flow or provides ease of flow from itself. This is called conductor”

What is Conductor

Type of conductor

coductors के दो प्रकार होते है.

  1. Metal conductor
  2. Electrolytic conductor

Metal conductor

The metal conductor consists of free electrons. It is also called Electronic conductor. Conductivity is reduced by increasing heat in it. Because increasing the heat interrupts the flow of electron. Such as Ca , Fe , Cr , Ni, Cu , Ag , Na , Au etc.

Electrolytic conductor

Electrolytic free ion solutions in the conductor. Conductivity increases by increasing heat in it. Because ions increase in speed when the heat is increased. Such as HCl , H2SO4, HNO3 , NaCH , NaCl , KCl etc.

What is Conductance?

Inverse resistance is called Conductance. It is expressed with G.

G = 1/R

Its unit is Om-1.

What is Resistance

Interruption of resistance flow current & nbsp; Produces. The same is called resistance. It is expressed with R. To know more about resistance this post of our What is Resistance

Classification of Conductor

conductor को तीन अलग अलग में वाला हुआ है.

Solid conductorgold, silver, copper, aluminium etc
liquid conductormercury, sulphuric acid , ammonium chloride
copper conductor helium, etc
What is Conductor

Uses of Conductor

Name of ConductorUses of Conductor
CopperIt is used for winding, electric wire.
SilverIt is used for CB point, measuring equipments.
AluminumIt is used for electrical cable, capacitors and etc. Is used for
BrassIt is used for electrical appliances.
IronIt is used for machines frame
ZincIt is used for cell, coating.
LeadIt is used for soldering.
Uses of Conductor

Name of Conductor

9oil etc.
Name of Conductor

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