What is Cookies?

What is Cookies There are many types of file in our mobile and laptop. One of whose cookies is also a normal text file present in our hard drive, which is automatically saved from the Internet.

Whenever we open a website, all its information is saved in a file so that whenever we open a website again, it is much easier to open any page related to it.

What is Cookies
What is Cookies

And thus we also take less time and data also costs less. If we talk technically, it works like a kind of Identification card.

Which is very important for advertising size and E-commerce website on the Internet because it is very effective for showing all kinds of ads related to them.

If you use the Internet regularly, then you must have heard about cookies. Such as their Operating System are named after food items.

Likewise, the name of the Internet is associated with cookies. So today we will tell you in this article ( What is Cookies in Hindi ) what cookies are – What is Cookies in Hindi and how it works. And what is its use.

What are Cookies?

What is Cookies :- Whenever you use any browser, whether it is Google Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer or any mobile browser such as Opera Mini or UC Browser, whenever you use these browsers and surf anything else.

His information is received from our phone or our computer in the form of a file, as which keyword you have used and which website is opened, then all such information is saved in a file and is stored in our mobile computer data. Is given so that it can be used later.

How do cookies work?

As we told you that whenever we search on the browser, small files of them are saved in our computer or our phone. This sends a message to the website server.

Whenever we open a site or search something, all of its data is saved in a file. When you go to the site, you are shown many things that you have searched before or that you have an interest in it.

This happens because the file of cookies in our mobile or our computer is seen by which all the advertisements are shown on the Internet accordingly.

Advantages of Cookies

1. Can easily use cookies and apply it.

2. It takes very little data to save the server’s file, which is a big benefit.

3. When our browser is closed for some reason, using it we can open our opened tab again.

4. Cookies help a lot by saving time and saving data.

Disadvantages of Cookies

1. Users can delete cookies.

2. Blocking cookies in a browser can prevent their use.

3. In this, no data of complex type is used except.

4. Their file size is not more than 4kb which is an imitation, it supports our word and our user id which is very dangerous for security

Cookies Fact

1.Cookies depend on all browsers, such as if you use a Chrome browser, you will not be able to use their cookies in other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox.

2. Almost all browsers save a text file called Cookies.

3. It can also leak any sensitive information.

4. Cookies also depend on the domain because the data taken from one domain will not be able to tell the other domain.

5. Cookies have a file size of about 4KB which can be of different size in different browsers.

How to clear cookies

Colliering cookies in the browser, you will get different options. I’m here to tell you some Fire Fox options.

1. Open your Firefox Browser.

2. After opening, you go to the option.

3. After entering the option you will get the Advanced Name Tab.

4. You click on it.

5. After clicking on it, you will see a tab with the network name.

6. Click on it and there you will be told Cache data. Which you can clear by clearing your Firefox Browser’s cookies.

How to delete or Block Cookies?

Allow or block any type of cookies or delete Web Cookie, its authority is with the Computer Browser. If the user wants, he can delete all the cookie from his computer and if he wants to block Safe Cookie or Third Party Cookie or Popup Cookie.

Setting up any browser you use or if you have opened a website, you can block direct cookies by clicking on its HTTP or Secure Lock.

When you delete Browser History, the option of cookies is also given there. You can select and delete it.

Cookies have many such options and every option has a problem. Many times it has been considered for Cookies that they spoil Computer programs. These are viruses. Whereas nothing like this Cookies is just a piece of data.

Friends, this post of today is What is Cookies? and if you have any suggestion or question, then you must tell us by commenting

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