What is Cryptography

What is Cryptography Information or Data plays an important role in the operations of any business, organizations, military operations, etc. If your organization’s information or data is in the wrong hands Gone.

What is Cryptography
What is Cryptography

So it can be very unsettling for your organization. Cryptography to secure Information or Data and communication Is used.

In today’s post, we will learn how to secure data using What is Cryptography?

In this post, we will introduce you to the world of cryptology and also tell you how you can secure your information or data in the wrong hands.

Meaning of Cryptography

Cryptography means – “art of protecting data”. Or to keep your data or information secure. Your data or information is converted into unreadable secrets codes. Which is called cipher text.

Only those who have the secret key can decrypt and read it. The decrypted data is called plain text. Cryptography is used to protect credit card, e-mail message, and other information. This is the security and integrity of data Maintains.

Encryption and decryption are two processes in cryptography.

In encryption plain text is converted to ciphertext. In decryption, the cypher text is converted to plain text.

What is Cryptography

Cryptography is used for Secure communication. For example, many times ads Viagra get Virus. This is why we need Cryptography a lot.

Encryption uses an algorithm. Thereby converting the input to Encryption output

The algorithm is considered to be Safe for our system. Because if any Virus gets attacked. And our system is not understood. Then the time algorithm is used.

What is an algorithm?

What is Cryptanalysis

Cryptanalysis Information used to encrypt the key without the use of Technique to decrypt it This process is called Cryptanalysis.

Mathematical analysis in Cryptanalysis cyphers (Encrypted Information). And algorithms are used. The dependent success of cryptoanalysis attacks.

  • Amount of time available
  • Computing power available
  • Storage capacity available

Below Cryptanalysis attacks are described.

Brute force attack

Algorithm is used in this attack. Who try to apply all possible logical combinations of plain text.

Dictionary attack

Wordlist to search for plaintext or key together in this attack Is used This is mostly used in trying to crack an encrypted password.

Rainbow table attack

The cipher text is compared to fin matches against hashes pre-compiled with this type of attack.

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