What is Cyber Crime?

What is Cyber Crime? The increasing use of computer and Internet has taken us far ahead in the technical field. Today our daily life is largely dependent on it. Due to the rapid growth in technological development and development, today we have no shortage of opportunities.

What is Cyber Crime
What is Cyber Crime

Cybercrime or “cyber crime” is a threat that has increased rapidly in the last few years and has caught millions of people using the internet all over the world. Hackers and spammers can cause severe damage to an individual to business through these cyber attacks.

So the only way to protect yourself from the effect of Cybercrimes is that you should have knowledge about them. In this post, we will know in detail what is cybercrime?

You will also learn about the types of Cybercrime as well as how to avoid cyber threats. Let’s see What is Cyber ​​Crime .

What is Cyber Crime?

What is Cyber Crime? Cybercrime is one such illegal activity . In which digital technologies (Computer, Internet) have been used to carry out the crime. These cybercrime can pose a major threat to the security and financial health of a person or nation.

Cybercrimes include various types of criminal activity, including identity fraud, data theft, viruses attack, online fraud, child pornography etc.

The perpetrators of these crimes are called Cybercriminals. By using this computing device, they try to access a person’s personal information, secret business information and government information.

Examples of Cyber ​​crime

Below is a list of different types of Cybercrime.

1. Thiefs illegally obtain a person’s identity from social networks so that he can misuse it by creating your fake id.

2. Online transaction fraud is also a great example of Cybercrime. This can be done in many ways in which criminals collect your plastic card details and empty your bank account.

3. Developing or distributing malicious software (adware, spyware, computer virus, etc.) to a system is also under Cybercrime.

4. It is also a crime to use copyrighted content of a person or organization without permission.

5. Making any inappropriate post or indecent comment against another person on social media is also a cyber crime.

6. Online purchase or sale of illicit goods such as drugs and guns is also part of Cybercrime.

7. Creating child pornography or doing online business is also a serious cyber crime.

8. Copying and using any copyrighted software without buying it.

9. Trying to gain access to computer and network or crash the system is Cybercrime.

Classification of Cyber ​​Crime

Cybercrimes are classified on the basis of the subject of crime. On this basis, there are three main types of cyber crime.

  • Crimes Against Individuals
  • Crimes Against Organizations
  • Includes Crimes Against Society

Cyber ​​Crime Against Individuals

Such crimes are committed against a person or their properties. Following are the examples of main crimes that come under it.

Unauthorized Access : When a person tries to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, network or online resources of another person, it is called unauthorized access. Unauthorized access is often done with the intention of obtaining or harming another person’s data for personal gain.

Online fraud : is the most useful technique for fraudsters in which they use computer and internet as a weapon. There are thousands of ways to fraud online and they are constantly increasing. The reason behind this is also to steal your personal information and use it for your benefit.

CyberStalking: Repeated harassment against a person using internet services is called Cyber ​​Stalking. This includes the following victim by cybercriminals, harassing emails, threatening them on social media, etc.

Hacking : This means to erase or change the information / data contained in a computer device. Hacking is the most common form of Cybercrime today. It can be in different forms, which includes everything from virus attack to password hacking.

Plastic Card Fraud : You will be doing online transactions several times in a day. But knowingly or unknowingly on the internet your Credit card or Debit card. If you do not secure the electronic transaction, then your card details can be stolen by hackers.

Spoofing : This is the way in which hacker’s present themselves as a genuine user. Spoofing is used to gain access to the computer and spread malware by infected links.

Identity theft : When scammers steal your personal and financial information and use it, it is called identity theft. If you make such information public on social sites, then the risk of it happening to you increases.

List of Cyber ​​Cells in India

Visakhapatnam City Cyber Cell
Website: http://vizagcitypolice.gov.in/CyberCrimes.html
Address: CCS building in the premises of II Town Police Station,
Dabagardens, Visakhapatnam City – 530020
Contact: Inspector of Police – 9490617917; Sub-Inspector of Police – 9490617916.
Email ID:inspr_cybercrime@vspc.appolice.gov.in, cybercrimesps@cid.appolice.gov.in, cidap@cidap.gov.in

Gujarat Cyber Crime Cell
Website: http://www.police.gujarat.gov.in
Address: First floor, Police Bhavan, Sector 18, Gandhinagar
Contact: (079) 23246330/23254344
Email ID: dgp-scr@gujarat.gov.in, cc-cid@gujarat.gov.in, Dcp-crime-ahd@gujarat.gov.in

Bangalore Cyber Crime Cell
Website: http://www.cyberpolicebangalore.nic.in/
Address: Cyber Crime Police Station, CID Annexe Building, Carlton House, # 1, Palace Road, Bangalore – 560001
Contact: 8022094498
Email ID: cybercrimepscomplaint@gmail.com

Nagaland Police Headquarters
Website: http://nagapol.gov.in/
Address: Nagaland Police Headquarters, P. R. Hill, Kohima – 797001, Nagaland
Contact: (0370) 2243711/2243713
Email ID: scrb-ngl@nic.in/scrbpnaga@yahoo.com

Rajasthan Police Department
Website: http://police.rajasthan.gov.in

Uttar Pradesh Cyber Crime Cell
Website: https://uppolice.gov.in
Email ID: digcomplaint-up@nic.in, dgpcontrol-up@nic.in

Lucknow Cyber Crime Cell
Economic Offences Wing
Address: V-Floor, Indira Bhawan, Ashok Marg, Lucknow
Contact: (0522) 2287253
Email ID: eowhq@up.nic.in

Noida Cyber Crime Cell
Website: http://www.cccinoida.org
Address: Centre for Cyber Crime Investigation, Plot No: B-110 A, Sector-6, Noida
Contact: (0120) 2422271, 8800165252


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