What is Data and Information

What is Data and Information Perhaps you do not know what is data and information To understand this, it is very important for you to know about Data Processing, it is also included in our discussion.

What is Data and Information
What is Data and Information

When you will know in this article what is the difference between data and information, then you will understand well. You will be surprised to know that in today’s article I am sharing only the information with you. It is very interesting that today’s topic is also the same. Let us see what is Data and Information

What is data

The word Data is the plural form of Datum. Data means facts, facts can be any number, name, and symbol. These facts are combined and used for analysis. Data can be anything from Text, Picture, Sound. The data is represented by the character given below.

Number– 123, 23.40, 606, 1000, 121.50, 3111.50.
Symbols– @, #, %, *, $.
Character-A, B, C, D, e, f, g, h, i
String– Smith, ram, Pathan, tony, Rahul .

EX- Like a student, his name, roll no, mark, city name, address, all these are one data. Or you can say this is information about the student. When we collect all these data and make a student report, then it is called information, which we will discuss further. Some other data examples are prices, costs, numbers of items sold, employee names, product names, addresses, tax codes, registration marks. We need data to get useful information, when we collect and process a lot of data, only then we get information.

Information is such data, the data of which is processed in such a way that the receiver can get some useful information. We get information only after processing the data or it can also be said that the processed data is called information.

Data is organized in such a way that we can get some information. The information helps us to make decisions. 101217 Now let me ask you a question, what is this? Say you probably have a number

But I’d say it’s nothing. If I convert it into information, then it can be any of these, like date-10/12/17, time-10:12:17, Rs-1,01,217/- money. Perhaps you must have now understood what information is. Next, when we discuss data processing, you will understand better.

EX- Timetable, Merit list, Report card, payslip, worksheet, charts, invoice, Student report card.  Mark, name, roll no, address, class Now here everything is data. When we collect these data and make a student report card, then it gets converted into information.

If a report is made about how many per cent of the total population of India lives in the village and how many people live in the city, then it is information. To make this report, the data of the people of India is needed, that data is the address, from this we will know how many people live in the village and how many in the city. How to create information, what is the process, for we will now discuss data processing.

What is Data Processing and how Information is created

The process of converting data into useful information is known as data processing. Data Processing is also the process of extracting needed information from some given data. We get some information from this process like reports, tables, charts. In this process, the data is made useful. The purpose of data processing is to convert data into information. When many steps are taken on the data, then it is no longer data, it becomes information. (Data process Information)

Data Processing Stages

The following steps are taken in Data Processing.

  1. Input
  2. Processing
  3. Output
    We will discuss these steps one by one in detail.

1. Input

In the input process, the data is collected and stored somewhere. To store means you  Can also store in the computer or write in any paper. Output information completely depends on the input data. The input process consists of the following steps.

a) Collection

We need some data collection before doing

Input. The data is collected from different sources, such as to know how many houses have a car in a city. Facts are collected from house to house. How many students have scored more than 60% marks in a class? To know this information also there is a need to collect the mark sheet of every student.

b) Verification

Now the next step is Verification, where it is decided whether the data taken for input is true or false. Like when the result is first verified before publishing it. You must also verify once before giving any information or report to anyone.

c) Coding

Coding of data is done in this step, it means converting to Machine form i.e. Computer Readable Form. Which the computer can further process the input data.

d) Storing

Now the data that has been entered in the excel or word of the computer. That data is stored in the computer. For a storage device is used. When the data is stored in the computer, then the next step is sent for processing.

2. Processing

This is the step where the process of creating information begins. All the following techniques are used here, Classification, Sorting, Calculating, summarizing, comparing.

a) Classification

In this process, the data is classified into groups and subgroups. Which will make the data easy to understand. For example, if students classify data in college, then separate data from science category, separate data from commerce category and separate data from arts category, which will be easy to analyze data.

b) Sorting

Here the data is arranged in order and kept. Due to which we will be able to access the data easily. Sorting Order can be either Ascending or Descending. For example, the roll number in the class is kept in alphabetical order. Marks from Highest Mark to Lowest Mark.

c) Calculation

Any arithmetic operation is performed on the data given in the calculation process. Like those operations can be any of these sums, Average, percentage. EX- What have the average marks of the students in a class, how many percentage people of the total population of India live in the village, the ratio of male and female, all these come in the calculation steps. Through this, correct summarised information is obtained.

d) Summarising

After performing all the above operations on the input data, a summarised report is produced. In a company, complete information is never given to the management, it is only sent to Sharon’s. Like the doctor, after doing many tests gives a report that this man has this disease. The report card is also the summary of the exam result. Maybe you must have understood how the data is sent for processing and how it happens.

3. Output

When all the steps of processing are over, then the output result is obtained which can be called information. The only purpose of the processing step is to get the right result and give it to the user. Most of the time Output information is stored in some storage device. Like a hard disk, pen drive, CD, DVD.
Output (Activities on Output Result)

a) Retrieval

In future, the output result can be retrieved from the storage media whenever desired. For example, the result of a 6-semester exam of a student, whenever he wants, he can see the marks of the semester from anyone. This process is called Retrieval.

b) Conversion

Output results can be changed in different forms. Perhaps you must have seen that the output result obtained after processing the data can be seen in any of these forms like Output Information –Graph, Flowchart, Chart, Table, Diagram, Report. India’s population GRAPH, population growth chart, college timetable are all examples of output results.

c) Communication

Whatever output comes out after processing the data, it is information. Which is very important to share, such as the information which is easily accessible to everyone in the newspaper. If we talk about the College Time Table, which is printed on the Peon Notice Board. So that all the students get this information, this is called communication. The process of sharing the output result is called  Communication. ( nowadays since the camera has come, sharing is happening as soon as the photos are put in the Whatsapp group like time table photo, result, notice )

Difference Between data & Information

The word data comes from the Latin word Datum which means “to give something”.The word Information comes from the words of Middle English and French. This word means “to tell something to someone”.
The word datum was introduced in 1600 and over time the word datum changed to data which is the plural word of datum.People have been using the word Information since 1300.
“Number” “Symbols” “Characters” “Letters” which means limited. Facts that are not complete and have no meaningWhen the data is processed, then the fact that we get is called information – like Time-Table mark-sheet Notes News
data which has no meaning in itself,12 which has no meaningWe get information only after making the data meaningful, 12 kg potatoes
We can not take any decision by using only data.Information is used to make a decision
Data can also be Repeatable and DuplicateInformation is not duplicated
We cannot SHARE DATAWe can share information
EX- has no meaning “20” “30” “RAMESH” “PG123XY” “100918”The information which has some meaning in itself – “Roll no-30” “20 kg” “Ramesh is a boy name” “RS-100918/-” “DT-10/09/18” “Time- 10H:08M:18Sec” We get some information from these
Difference Between data & Information in Hindi

Hopefully understand the difference between facts and information

Mann Ki Baat Aapse Saath

The main information of today’s article was. What is data and information (data vs information)what is Data and Information in Hindi and what is the difference between data and information 

In which mainly From this we read how to convert data, information and data into meaningful information, which is called data processing. To increase my encouragement, share this post of mine on social media like Facebook, Instagram, what’s an app and with your friends.

To increase my encouragement, share this post of mine on social media like Facebook, Instagram, what’s an app and with your friends.

Hope I was able to give you complete information. If there is any mistake, please let me know below. To read information related to Computer Science and Technology subscribe to this Computer Masterji Blog. How did you like this article of mine, please advise and if you have any other questions in your mind, then you can write in the comment box below. Computer Sc is easy, take care of yourself, always be happy and keep working hard, the destination is not far away.

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