What is Database?

Do you know What is Database You would know that in today’s world Data and how much demand is there for information

You get data and information in a very short time by simply searching on the Internet. For this, you have to do so much work, you have to write your questions in Mobile Browser or in Google Search.

What is Database
What is Database

Then within few seconds you get the answer to your questions. Major companies are available information of their Employees (Name, Salary, IDno, Address), information of branch, college, and schools, such as Name, Roll no, Address, City, everything in the Internet.

But where does the Internet exist. Few people know this thing. In today’s post What is Database we are going to give you complete information about the database. Come on, friends, we must read this post till the end. Let’s see What is Database

What is Database?

Database (DB), this information is the federation of information, where the related information is collected and kept. Information is kept in the database by being organized.

Organized meaning of decorating As you keep books on table, similarly information and data are kept in database. To store information, some software is used. Such as MS-Excel. Here all the data is kept in digital memory devices such as hard disk.

Information is kept in the database in this way. Which you can easily access and manipulate data.

An where you have details of 100 Students. In details like Roll NO, Name, Address, Sahar Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth. Here we and you can say this Excel Sheet is a database.

DB means whatever information and data is in DataBase. You can access it whenever you want. Now let’s understand what Access means. It is a university where there are many students, around 5000 have completed their exam.

Their results are uploaded into the database through computer, it can also be that the official website of the university. Then it is also uploaded there. It has now become the database of Students Result.

When the result of exit date comes, this result is published. Then students start putting their Roll no and see the result. This process is called Accessing the Database.

There are many databases such as Google’s, Company’s, Government’s database, where they store their information.

What is Database Managment System (DBMS)

The DBMS or Database Management system is software. Which allows us to create data, data store and update data in the database. Due to which the user can store, access and analyze data very easily. Dbms provides an interface or tool for this.

DBMS manages three important things.

  • Database engine – which accesses, locks, and modifies data.
  • Database schema – It defines the logical structure of the database.
  • Data

Database Examples


MySQL was introduced in 1995 by Oracle. It is an open-source Relational database management system (RDBMS). It is based on structure query language (SQL).

MS Fox Pro

MS Fox Pro is a database management system. Which was started by fox software.

Microsoft Access

MS Access is a database management system (DBMS) operated by Microsoft.


Oracle database is a Relational Database management system. It is maintained by Oracle corporation.

SQL Server

RDBMS Developed by SQL Server Microsoft server . which is used to create computer database for MS-Windows.

Types of Database management system

  • Network database
  • Hierarchical Database
  • Relational database

There are three types of databases –

Network database : In this type of database, data is represented as a record and the relationship between the data is shown as a link.

Hierarchical Database: In such a database, data is organized with Note’s as Three structure. The notes are connected through the Link.

Relational database : This database is also known as Structural database. In which data is stored as Table’s. Where Columns and Rows are Stored.

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