What is DC Motor?

What is DC Motor? In today’s post, we are going to tell you about DC motor. To know about DC motor, read this post till the end.

What is DC Motor
What is DC Motor

What is DC Motor?

The motor is a device lost to an electrical power supply. AC motor is inadequate to provide AC supply. That is, electrical energy is converted into mechanical. Just like this, DC motor is driven by DC power supply. And it also adds to DC electrical.

Whenever the motor is built. So this rhyme It is said that the motor will run on AC and will run on DC. After building the motor, the power used to drive it.

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How does DC Motor work – Principle of DC Motor?

The working principle of DC motor is very easy.

When a carrier with any flow current is placed in any magnetic field. So Torque is generated in it. It tries to spin the Torque carrier at 90 ‘. When the DC motor is supplied in the field coil. So in the air gap, the existence of a magnetic field becomes.

The field winding of the DC motor is called stator winding. This field winding has poles. Which is called N and S pole. When power supply to field winding. So it has magnetic field general.

You guys will know the rule of the left hand of fleming. It is also very easy.

Torque is generated when passes the current flowing carrier between magnetic flux in accordance with Fleming’s left-hand rule. And it tries to rotate the Torque carrier at 90 ‘.

Here we have the armature to carry the current flow. Which is called Rotor. The winding of this armature is supplied. It passes current, and the torque generated tries to rotate that rotor at 90 ‘.

It interacts both electrical field and magentic field. Then mechanical force is generated. DC motor works on this principle.

Types of DC Motor

  • Permanent Magnet DC Motor- PMDC Motor 
  • Separately Excited DC Motor
  • Self Excited DC Motor

Permanent Magnet DC Motor- PMDC Motor

Permanent Magnet DC Motor is also known as PMDC. Permanent magnets are fitted in the stator of this motor. It does not require field winding. Field magnetic flux is generated in it.

Separately Excited DC Motor

Ems Field Winding and Armature Winding supply separately. This is called Separately Excited DC Motor. But in this, the armature current field does not pass through winding. Both of these flow the winding current. Because field winding supplies different power.

Self Excited DC Motor

This DC Motor is the most used motor. There is no need to take any power supply from outside to excite the field winding of this motor.

Types of DC Motor
Types of DC Motor

Part of DC motor

  • Stator
  • Armature- Rotor
  • Armature Winding
  • Field Winding
  • Commutator


This is the fixed part of the motor. In which the field is divided. In which magnetic flux is generated by giving power supply. A permanent magnet is placed in the stator. Whose magnet is generated in N and S pole.


It is a rotating part in a DC motor. This is called Rotor. It is made of ratchet, winding, commutator and core. Which are inside the motor. Winding occurs in the armature. It is connected to the power supply from the commutator and carbon bruce.

Field Winding

Winding is done with copper wire in the motor stator. This is called field winding and stator winding. It has poles. In which Magnetic flux is generated.


Told from the copper bar. Insulating material is kept separately in the middle of the bar. Armature winding is added to the commutator segment. And on the other side there is a carbon brush power supply connect.

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