What is Diode?

Do you know that What is Diode? you guys have ever visited any electronics shop. So you must have seen this semiconductor devices.

What is Diode?
What is Diode?

But you’re probably won’t recognize it. By the way, diode is the simplest two terminal unilateral semi-conductor devices. It is a ‘one way’ sign of the electrical circuit.

In today’s post, we are going to tell you that What is Diode? . So friends, Diode to know must read our post till the end.

What is Diode?

Diode is an electronics component made up of a P type and N type semiconductor. Which is used in electronic device or circuit.

Diode consisting of two words & nbsp; has been made. Di and Electrode

In this, Di means two and electrode mean Terminal. That is, Diode is a two-terminal component. Two Terminal of the diode: Anode and Cathode.

Anode is the positive terminal of Diode. And & nbsp; Cathode is the negative terminal of Diode. It flows the current in one direction. And this prevents current from flowing in the opposite direction

Diode is discovered by Rasail All in the year & nbsp; 9004.

Diode is a semiconductor device. It is made by adding p-type material and n-type material. This is called pn junction diode.

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