What is Earthing system – Type of Earthing

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What is Earthing system - Type of Earthing
What is Earthing system – Type of Earthing

What is Earthing system?

Earthing has a great value in the world of electricity. By adding wire on the metal (metal) part of any metal (metal) machine or device, they connect it with earth plate and earth electrode. This is called earthing and grounding.

Moha wire is used for earth plate and earth electrode. Whose resistance is very low. A low resistance wire is used for this. There is also a reason to use less resistance in it. Which we are going to tell you.

Why the earthing system is needed

The first reason for earthing of any device is. That we can avoid electric shock. Very often your device goes bad. This causes leakage current in the device.

Which can cause current to touch. So to avoid such current, we give earthing to the device. So that the current goes straight into the earth with the help of earth. Which can save us from electric shock.

1. This is why we need earthing. Some points about it are explained below.

2. Earthing protects our electrical device from leakage current. Which can protect against electric shock circuit.

3. It also protects the building from lightning that falls during the rains.

Questions related to Electrical Earthing

What is Earth?

Electric-powered device was buried inside the house by a wire. Connecting to the earthing plate is called earth.

What is Solidly Earthed?

When the electric device is unscrewed & nbsp; Fuse circuit breaker and resistance straight to Earth Electrode & nbsp; Connect to So the same is called Solidly Earthed.

What is Earth Electrode ?

When the plate of a good conductor and insulator & nbsp; Inside the earth, an electric device is passed to the earthing. So this is what is called Earth Electrode.

There are many types of this. It can also be a plate. Can be either road. Either metal can be in the form of a water-filled pipe with minimum resistance.

What is Earthing Lead?

Earthing Lead is used to connect Earth Electrode and any device.

What is Earth Continuity Conductor ?

Joe Good conductor wire All of our household electrical & nbsp; Connecting device, switch board and eyelid together is called Earth Continuity Conductor.

What is conductor?

What is Earth Resistance ?

The resistance between the Earth electrode and the electric device. Whom & nbsp; Ω (Ohms) & nbsp; Is measured by This is called Earth Resistance.

What is Resistance?

Type of EarthingHow many types of Earthing

Earthing is of many types. It depends on how much load should be taken for what work. Below we have explained some types of earthing.

1. Pipe Earthing

Pipe Earthing uses & nbsp; 1.5 or 2 inch thick iron pipes. And its length is from 8 to 9 feet. This is the most used method. it occurs. In this, the pipe is thickened down to 8 to 9 feet in a humid place. And pour salt and coal around its pipe and cover it Are being given. And this causes the earthing wire to be connected.

2. Rod Earthing

Rod earthing is also similar to Pipe earthing. In this, a copper rod of 12 Mm is buried in the earth. Dig this copper road without a pit. The help of Pneumatic Hammer is buried directly in the earth. And it is connected to earthing wire.

3. Plate Earthing

Plate earthing consists of a copper plate. It is 60cm X 60cm X 3.18mm (2ft X 2ft X 1/8 In). This copper plate is pressed down 10 feet into the earth. And this plate is placed in a humid place.

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