What is Email – How to create an E-Mail ID

What is Email – How to create an E-Mail ID Nowadays everyone creates an email ID on Google itself. Due to the growth of the Internet, all people need an Email ID. In today’s post, we are going to tell you What is Email – How to create an E-Mail ID

What is Email - How to create an E-Mail ID
What is Email – How to create an E-Mail ID

What is Email?

Electronic Mail is called Email in short. Any message or mail when send by electronic means. So we call it “E-mail”.

To send email from one computer to another computer, computer network such as the Internet is used. Every person has a unique E-mail Address. If you want to send an online email to someone, then you should know their e-mail address.

Email is mainly used to send and receive text, image, document or any other type of files.

How to create an E-Mail ID?

Step 1: – www.gmail.com Open this link in your browser.

Step 2: After opening click on ‘Create Account’.

Step 3: Now the ‘Sign-up’ form page will be open in front of you. Some information will be sought from you. Like: First Name, Last Name, Username, Password and Confirm Password etc. Fill all these things and click on Next.

Step 4: After that give your ‘Phone Number’. This is to verify your identity. So enter the correct number and click on Next.

Step 5: Enter Verification Code for this. An OTP (One Time Password) will appear at your given number. Finally click on ‘Verify’.

Step 6: You have to provide some personal information. Like: Birth date and Gender then click on Next.

Step 7: Here Google’s Terms of Service & amp; Review the Privacy Policy and then click on ‘I Agree’.

Now your Gmail Account has been created. Now you can take advantage of Google’s free email service.

Best Email Providers in India

E-mail Service Providers help us to send and receive online mail. There are two types of Email services:

1. Email client
2. Webmail

Email client – This is a computer program, which is already present in your computer or you can download it. Such as Outlook and Windows Live Mail. In software you can send and receive email.

Web mail – This is the most popular way to send and receive email. Most users use Web Mail or Online Mail as an email service.

  1. Gmail (www.gmail.com)
  2. Yahoo! Mail (https://login.yahoo.com/)
  3. AOL Mail (https://login.aol.com/)
  4. Mail (https://www.mail.com/int/)
  5. iCloud (https://www.icloud.com/mail)
  6. Rediff Mail (https://mail.rediff.com/)
  7. Yandex (https://mail.yandex.com/)

Advantages of E-Mail

Now let’s know about the email email fields.

1. E-Mail is mainly used to exchange information. At the same time, to whom did you send it and all that information is also saved. Which can be seen again later.

2. You do not have to pay any money to send e-mail.

3. E-mail is also used in Business, Advertising and Promotion of Service or Product.

4. Pages were a waste in traditional methods. There is paper savings in the email.

5. Email You can send to anyone instantly anytime.

Disadvantages of E-Mail

1. Once the e-mail password is hacked, someone else can use your email account.

2. Unusable mail arrives a lot on email. Which is called Spam Mail. They are of no use.

3. The email address may contain Virus. Who can steal all the information in your mail account.

4. It cannot be used in any government business. Because e-mail credentials can be misused by an illegal user when it is detected.


We have told you completely about What is Email – How to create an E-Mail ID. In which you learned that How to create an E-Mail ID. Creating an email ID is easier than it sounds, in fact, it is much easier to create.

Everyone must have an email ID. So create your email ID today. We hope you liked this post today. If you have any questions related to this, then let us know by commenting.

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