What is Graphic Card? How Graphic Cards Work

What is Graphic Card? In today’s post, we are going to tell you about the Graphics card. Read this post till the end to know about Graphics card.

By the way, Graphics card is an expansion card. Which helps the computer to send graphics information (eg image, video) to the monitor. But most people buy a separate graphics card to play the game.

For a good gaming experience, why do we have to install a separate graphic card on the computer? In this post today, we are going to give you the answer, and also we are going to make what is the use of the graphic card. This post is going to give you complete information about the graphic card. So let’s know What is Graphic Card?

What is Graphic Card?
What is Graphic Card?

What is Graphic Card?

Graphics card is only part of the hardware. All the graphics that the computer’s monitor. Whatever graphic you see on the screen/monitor of your computer or laptop. Like pictures, video, animation etc.

It is the job of graphic card to show all of them up to display. To do this, graphical data is converted into signals. So that monitor knows it comprehensively.

What is Google Meet?

Graphic card is also known as video card, video controller, display advapter .. It is related to graphics. In which you include games, photos and videos running on the computer.

graphic card is also known as GPS. Who knows from graphic processing unit. It is also called a video card. Its main job is to show videos, photos and games on the computer’s screen properly. That is, the work of graphic card is to process the graphic very well.

If you want to use software with hight graphics like gaming or video editing. So you have to install it separately in your computer or laptop. Because the graphic card in your computer or laptop does not have RAM and processor for processing.

Do graphics cards needed

Why do you need a graphic? To understand this, it has been divided into two types. Which consists of first integrated graphic and second dedicated graphic.

Integrated graphic inbuilt in any computer or laptop & nbsp; Occur. And for processing this graphic, the computer’s CPU and RAM is used.

If you play hight graphic games in your computer and use any video editing software. Then your computer will hang. Therefore, you need to place a graphic card separately.

How to check Graphic Card in computer

If you want to see & nbsp; which GPU is present in your computer or laptop. Follow the steps given below.

1. You have to click the start menu.

2. Then type run in the start menu and enter.

3. A box will open in front of you. In this, you have to enter ‘dxdiag’ by typing without the quatation mark.

4. Then the Directx Diagnostic tool will open in front of you. In this you have to click the display tab.

5. You will get all the information under the display section in your display tab. In this, you will get all the information about GPU name and memory.

Difference between Video Card and Graphic Card

There is not much difference between the video card and graphic card, these two parts are very important in a computer. This is both motherboards. Its job is to show the video and image on the computer.

Both of these are a graphic card. Which consists of an integrated graphic card and another dedicated graphic card. There is the main difference in purpose. That is, the video card has been made to do small tasks. A graphic card can easily complete any complex task.

What is a Good Graphic Card?

Many of you have confusion about which Graphic Card is good. It is measured in frame per second (FPS). If you guys buy a graphic card. So you must see its FPS rate. And one has to see all the things like: –

  • GPU clock speed
  • Bits
  • Memory
  • Memory bandwidth
  • RAMDAC speed.
  • Memory clock rate

Graphics Card Manufacturer Company

Below are some Graphics Card Manufacturer Company: –

  • Nvidia
  • Amd
  • Intel
  • EVGA
  • Zotac
  • Sapphire
  • Via
  • Power VR.
  • Asus
  • Gigabyte

Types of Graphic Card

There are four types of Graphic Card


Integrated cards are used in most user’s computers. Whenever you buy a new computer. So in that you get integrated graphics card. It comes with motherboard only. It is also called on-board graphics card.


This is a graphic card. Which is used in the computer which is placed in the PCI slots of the motherboard. Nowadays it does not come in the new motherboard. If your system is old then you can use it to upgrade it.


This is not much difference between graphic card and PCI & nbsp; Its speed is very high. But it was used only in the old system.


This is very advance graphics card. Its capacity is more than any other type of graphic card.

Components of Graphic Card

GPU : – This is the main component of the graphic card. GPU stands for graphics processing unit.

VRAM : – It has full name & nbsp; Video RAM. Which is also called & nbsp; video memory. Its job is to store graphics data & nbsp; So that the graphics processing unit can process.

VRM : – Its full name is voltage regulator module. It is included in any graphic card. This is a main circuit. Which supplies power.

Fan : – Fen is used to keep all the parts cool.

Benefits of Graphic Card

1. Your PC performs better. Because by applying the card from next side all the work comes to it.

2. It gives better gaming experience. All the latest video games & nbsp; can be enjoyed with the graphic.

3. The & nbsp; graphics quality of our computer or laptop becomes very good.

4. Dedicated cards offer good driver support and compatibility & nbsp; compared to integrated graphics.

5. Using it, you can control your computer with a set up.


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