What is HTML?

What is HTML?

What is HTML? Now we will see exactly that What is html? It is a Hypertext Markup Language.

What is HTML?
What is HTML?

it is used to design static webpages. Hypertext Markup Language is not a C language, java, and python, etc.( programming language) It is a Markup language.

The Markup language having a set of markup tags. That is means the Markup language is consisting of everything in Tags. So, this Hypertext Markup Language is consisting of markup tags. The complete language is the form of tags.

Webpages are defined as

Every webpage designed has an extension (<html> or .html)
Use an editor Notepad or Notepad ++
it is executed in any web browser

Simple Syntax

<!DICTYPE html>



<p>my first heading </p>



representation of syntax

syntax representation
<!DICTYPE html>document type
<html>starting of <html>
<body> starting of body
<p> or </p>it’s a paragraph tag
</body>closing of body
</html>closing of <html>

How’s its show works

starting of <html> and closing of <html> its is describes the webpages
starting of body and closing of the body it is a visible page content
it’s a paragraph tag its is show the paragraph on the webpage

Different Html4 and Html5

The common structure is used in Html4. such as header and footerthe new structure is used in html5. such as drape and drop
it is not using direct video or audio. It is using direct video or audio.
it also uses a flash playerit is not using a flash player.


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