What is Inductor| type of inductor

Do you know What is Inductor and the type of inductor is a component? Which is capable of converting AC current into the resistor. In today’s post, we are going to give you complete information about Inductor. Let’s see that Inductor kya hai.

What is Inductor
What is Inductor

What is Inductor

Inductor is a component. Which is also known as coil. In which current flows and collects energy in magnetic field. The insulated wire in the inductor is rounded over the core.

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type of inductor

There are many types of inductor. And everyone has different uses. like

  1. Air Core Inductor
  2. Iron Core Inductor
  3. Ferrite Core Inductor
  4. Toroidal Core Inductor
  5. Variable inductor
  6. Laminated-core inductor
  7. Bobbin based Inductor
  8. Multi Layer Inductor
  9. Film Inductor

Air Core Inductor 

Core is absent in Air Core Inductor. It contains air. It has wounds on coil plastic and ceramic material.

Iron Core inductor 

It is used for high power. And audio coils or iron laminate are also used.

Ferrite Core Inductor

Ferrite Core Inductors consist of ferromagnetic material, Soft Ferrite and Hard Ferrite. They are wrapped in wire or coil.

Bobbin Inductor

This inductor coil is wrapped with a cylindrical bobbin. It is mounted on a printed circuit board. It is designed according to the power rating, and operating frequency, current levels, voltage etc.

Toroidal Core Inductor

This coil is wrapped with a toroid circular former. There is less use of Flux leakage in this.

Variable inductor

It is used in high frequency applications.

Multi Layer Inductors 

This inductor consists of multiple layers of coils. Which is different from insulate material.

Film Inductor

This inductor is made up of small inductors. It is similar to a chip. It is used in high-frequency applications. Such as mobile devices, dc to dc converter.

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