What is Input Device?

In this post of yours, we will know What is Input Device. Or we can say that we are going to know about some external parts of the computer. Input devices are some such parts of computers. With the help of which we do in giving and extracting data.

What is Input Device
What is Input Device

Nowadays everyone uses Laptop and Desktop. In this digital world, without a computer, anything can be done. You must have known that a lot of devices are used in laptop and desktop.

With which you can operate and control the computer very easily. One of them is the input device which has made our work very easy. Let’s see What is Input Device?

What is Input Device?

The Input Device is an electronic device. This is only a part of the computer. Input anything into a computer or personal computer through any device we use. So it is called an Input device. Such as Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, microphone, Light Pen. With all these Input Devices, we do some Input inside Computer.

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This is a hardware through which we interact with the computer and control it. Like Selecting different Icon from Mouse, Selecting Option. Similarly, we input the text from the keyboard and operate the laptop with the arrorw key.

With the help of this, we are able to do all the work from Computer. With their help, we give Instruction to Computer, and understand Computer Instruction and take some action.

What is the work of Input Device?

The main job of Input Units is to input data and control signals into the computer. After which computer CPU that Data . And then provides us with output.

That is, Input Devices works for accepting the instructions given to the computer and allows you to interact with the computer and control it.

Whenever you press a key in the keyboard or click with a mouse, all this activity is like a signal for the computer, which makes it special tasks like – software open, message type and many more. Giving orders for other work.

Types Of Input Devices

Some of the important Input Devices are as follows: –

  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Trackball
  4. Scanner
  5. Joy Stick
  6. Microphone
  7. Touch Screen
  8. Graphic tablet
  9. Digital Camera
  10. Webcam
  11. Biometric Scanner
  12. OMR Reader
  13. OCR Reader


This is the most prominent Input device. With this help, we can do all the work of computer writing. It is one of the most used devices. With its help, we can write anything. What you are reading now is also written with this keyboard.

We use it in like sending email, sending messages, online transfer, online shopping and other things. To know more about KeyBoard Keyboard, read our post on what is the keyboard.


It is also called pointing device and Cursor Moving Device. A Mouse can have two or three buttons. Such as Left, Right and Middle key (Left key, Right key, Middle key Roller).

The use of this Mouse has increased the importance of Graphical User Interface in Computer. The mouse is placed on the Flat Surface or Mouse Pad. It is used to control the Cursor. To know more about Mouse, see this post of ours what is mouse.


Using Scanner and converting written papers and pictures into digital images memory . Documents can also be scanned and stored in the computer through a scanner.

In Digital Picture by Computer processing can also be done. Processing means that you can edit a scanned document. To know more about Scanner, read our post on what is scanner .


This is also an Input Device. Converts Sounds to Digital Form and stores them. Like you use Audio Recorder and Voice Recorder.

Light Pen

Its shape is like a pen. It is a printing device and a pointing device. With this help, it can be written on the computer screen. The picture can be drawn, the bar code can be read.


Joystick is an input device. Works like a trackball. It consists of two balls. A rod is attached to the balls so that the ball can be easily rotated.


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