What is Insert Tab in MS Word?

In MS Word Insert Tab  is the second number tab. On clicking on it, we see many tools, which we can use to add some extra things in the document like Table, Picture, Shapes, SmartArt, Chart, Header, Footer, Link, etc. can be inserted.

What is Insert Tab in MS Word
What is Insert Tab in MS Word

Insert Tab Key Commands

Insert Tab has a total of ten Commands Groups. Including Pages, Tables, Illustration, Add-ins, Media, Links, Comments, Header & Includes Footer, Text, and Symbols groups. Let us know about all these in detail one by one.


There are three commands in the Pages group. It is related to all document pages. Let’s know what is the use of these commands.

Cover Page – You can use this command to insert a cover page in the document. There are also many templates available in it, which you can use  To design a better cover page.

Blank Page – By this you can insert a new blank page in the document.

Page Break – This command is used to insert a new page from where you have placed the cursor in the Word page.


This option allows you to insert tables in Microsoft Word documents. In this you can also give a different design to the table.


Illustration Group You can use Picture, SmartArt, Shapes, Chart, Screenshot, etc. on your document page. to insert it.

Picture – Click on this option to insert a picture on the page.

Shapes – You can use this option to add text, bullets, numbering and color etc. to a Word document after you have added one or more Shapes.

SmartArt – You can use SmartArt to represent information in a document through a graphic.

Chart – Use the chart option to display information on the document page through graphics.

Screenshot – With the help of this option, you can take a screenshot from your device and insert it in the document.


With the help of Add-ins Group, users can add some additional programs to Word. For example, we added the Wikipedia App to Word. After this, we can easily access the information contained in it and use it in our document.

Many other commands and features can be added to Word using

Add-ins. By using this tool, users can increase the functionality of their Word. You’ll usually see two options inside this group. Let’s see what is their use.

Get Add-ins – Clicking on this option will open the window of Office Add-ins Store from where you can search for Add-ins and add them to Word.

My Add-ins – Click on this option to access the add-ins you have already added.


In Media Group you will see the option of Online Video. By clicking on which you can insert any online video anywhere in the page. Copy the URL of any video you want to put in the page and copy it in the box of Insert Video.


Link – Click on this option to link a web page or other file in a Word document.

Bookmark – This option is used to create a bookmark inside the document. If your document is very large, and you want to reach a specific point of the page quickly, then you can bookmark it by creating a link to it.

Cross-reference – This option allows you to link to other parts of the same document page, such as a title, table, or chart. This is done when you need to reference some other part of the document.


This feature is used by the user to add text comments to a Word document.

Header & Footer

Header – This is the top part of the document page. Which you can use on each page for some important information like Title, Date, Page Number, etc. can be added. Which gives your document a professional look.

Footer – This is the bottom part of the document page. Which you can use on each page of the document like Page Number, Date, Copyright, etc. Let’s add.

Page Number – Use this option to insert Page Number in the document.


Text Box – It is used to add text box to the document. Use it to highlight specific text.

Quick Parts – Click this option to insert preformatted text, auto text, document properties, and fields in your document.

Signature Line – This option helps you to insert Signature Line at the end of the page. In this, at the bottom of the line, the name of the signatory, profession, and email id comes. Above this the signatory can put his digital signature.

WordArt – Click on this option if you want to insert different types of text effects in your Word page.

Date and Time – Use this option to insert the current time and date in the page.

Object – Click on this option to insert an object such as another document file or an Excel chart etc into the Word page.

Drop Cap – Drop Cap is used to make a big capital letter at the beginning of the paragraph.


There are two commands available under this group.

Equation – You can use this command to insert mathematical formula on the document page.

Symbol – This command allows you to insert symbols on the document page. It consists of a group of symbols. You can select the symbol of your choice.

So this is it, all the commands in the Insert Tab in MS Word which are used to insert many additional features in the Word document. Hopefully, through this post (what is the use of Insert Tab in MS Word), you must have come to know about Insert Tab very well. If you have any question or suggestion, please ask us in the comment section below.

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