What is iOS?

Do you know what is iOS in today’s post, we are going to tell you about iOS. It is an operating system. Windows and Android are the only part. In which devices are run with Apple.

What is iOS
What is iOS

iOS is a software platform. On top of which Apple’s devices run. Such as iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch etc. In earlier times, Apple could not handle the operating system program. So they had to create a new mobile operating system iOS. Which works in all Apple devices. Such as Pod touch, iPhone.

Apple’s iOS is 10 years old. Let’s see What is iOS

iOS Meaning

The meaning of iOS is “iPhone Operating System”.

iOS Full Form

The full form of iPhone is the iPhone Operating System.

iOS full form in computer

Its Full Form is the iPhone Operating System. iOS is programmed with computer languages like C, C ++, Swift, Objective-C and Assembly Language etc.

What is iOS

iOS means iPhone Operating System, it is an operating system, discovered by Apple. Which operates different devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Mini, and iPod Touch & nbsp; etc) in apple.

Up to 1.4 billion devices world wide are supported by the iOS system is operated. is the second most used iOS operating system after Android.

Versions of iOS

iOS VersionreleaseSupport (सपोर्ट बंद हुआ)
iOS 120072010
iOS 220082011
iOS 3Version 3.2.2, 20102012
iOS 4Version 4.3.5, 20112013
iOS 520112014
iOS 620122015
iOS 720132016
iOS 82014Support
iOS 92015Support
iOS 102016Support
iOS 112017Support
iOS 122018Support
iOS 132019Support
iOS Ke Versions

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