What is keyboard?

What is keyboard?
What is keyboard?

What is keyboard?

What is keyboard? A keyboard is input devices. It is allowed to use the input text in the electronic devices. The electronic devices mean like a computer, laptop, mobile, tablet etc.

What is Monitor?

It is a basic way to communicate with a computer. It also consists of multiple buttons. which is create number, letter, a special key, symbols and including other functions.

The design of the keyboard is like a typewritter keyboards and it is also arranged letters like a typewritter. Its layout is also known as Qwerty design. The name of Qwerty design is taken form first six letters across in the upper left-hand corner of the keyboard.

Keyboard layouts

There are different arragement of numeric, alphabetic and punctuation sysmbols in keys.

It has basically two type of layouts


It is a type keyboard on a standard English. qwerty the name this is given form the six-letter on the first rows of the keyboard. It is used for convenience and universal.


The layout is used for speed typing. In this layout, the most commonly used letter are arranged in fired rows. It is made easy to type It is designed by left-handed and right-handed. for this easy to type in one hand people.

What is CPU?

Type of keyboard

There are many type of computer key board such as follow


This flexible key board is made of soft silicone with highly portable. It does not need any water, dust-resistant for cleaning. It is connected by a USB connection serial port the computer. This key board is also useful in travelling time. It can be rolled and kept into a bag.


It is made of high quality. It is used in home and office. It is designed for long life. It provides medium resistance crisp click sound and better feedback for gaming performance. It offers PCB board, key construction, functionality.


It is beneficial for your body posture. We can allow do the fast typing.


This is a computer key board. It can be connected by laptop, computer or tablets without any cables. It used in infrared (it), Bluetooth technology, or radiofrequency (RF) to connect with devices. It is designed by the stainless steel material.


It has a few apecific keys for using games is called a gaming key board.


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