What is Monitor?


What is Monitor?

What is Monitor? The monitor is an output device. its is also called a video display terminal (VDT) and video display unit. It is used to video, text, and display image to generate in the computer screen.

Whenever use typing in the keyboard and the mouse is helping to view the computer screen. It is using the graphics information to generate video card.

It is a display of the computer uses an interface and open program. The older computer monitor is built using cathode ray tubes. Most of modern the monitor is built in the LCD technology and it is using in the flat screen display.

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But the thin monitor is using in less space and it older of CRT displays. It is also used in the verb. and speaker of the computer. The original computer monitor is used in data processing for a tv set is used for entertainment.

In 1980 the both is using data processing and entertainment. and 1964 the iniscope 300, machine is made by CRT display or A. Johon is discovery the screen technology in 1965.

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Type of Monitor

  1. Flat Panel Monitors
  2. LED Monitors
  3. Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors
  4. Touch Screen Monitors
  5. OLED Monitors
  6. DLP Monitors
  7. TFT Monitors
  8.  Plasma Screen Monitors

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Flat Panel Monitors

Flat Panel Monitors is a lightweight and take less space. and It is  consume less power. It is screens use two types of technologies.

  1. Liquid Crystal Display:- it screen contains a substance known as liquid crystal.
  2. Gas Plasma Display:- it uses gas plasma technology.

LED Monitors

It stands for light-emitting diode display.

Advantages of LED

  • more reliable monitor
  • less expensive
  • broader dimming range
  •  more dynamic contrast ratio

Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Monitors

It is used in early monitors and  create an image on the screen.

Touch Screen Monitors

It is called as input devices. The computer is use for  finger .

OLED Monitors

 It is a new flat light-emitting display technology.

DLP Monitors

The formfull of DLP is Digital Light Processing. and its discovery by Texas Instruments. DLP is use for projecting images.

TFT Monitors

It is form of  LCD flat panel display.

Plasma Screen Monitors

It computer screen is like a LCD and LED televisions.

Types of monitor connector

  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • DisplayPort
  • USB-C
  • Thunderbolt


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