What is ms office?

What is ms office? In today’s post, we are going to tell you that What is ms office in this digital age, everything is computer based. is. In Office and Businesses, earlier work was done in Registers. There are many types of software available for them today.

Microsoft Office is one such Software package. Which is mostly used to do some of the main work of the office. So guys, do read till the end to know about What is ms office?

What is ms office?

What is ms office
What is ms office

What is ms office?

is a package of Microsoft Office Computer software programs. Which has been specially designed by Microsoft to make business and Office work easier. Each application software included in this package has its own special use.

Such as: – Use of MS Word to create a document, make a presentation of MS Power Point, prepare a spreadsheet of Excel, and use of other software, data management and email etc. is used to send. By using these software applications, you can increase the productivity of your Office work.

Microsoft Office is available in various languages ​​around the world, and is supported by all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone).

Microsoft Office was first launched in 1990. Since then, many Versions have come to everyone. Its latest version is MS Office 2019.

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Top Microsoft Office Tools

Microsoft Office is a software package that includes many Office tools. Let’s go through some of its major tools and their usage in detail.

MS Word: This is a word processing tool. Which was first launched in 1983. We use it to create different types of documents.

MS Excel: This is a Spreadsheet program, whose main job is to create a datasheet. It is used the most in the works related to finance.

MS PowerPoint: This is a powerful slide show presentation program. It is used for data and information visualization. Many features have been given inside PowerPoint, with the help of which you can prepare a great presentation.

MS Access: This tool was first launched in 1992. It is a database management software, which is mainly used for preparing tables, forms and reports, etc.

MS Outlook: This is an application whose main job is to send and receive e-mail . Facilities like Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, Note Making and Web browsing are available in it. Outlook was first launched in 1997.

MS OneNote: is a type of digital notebook application. In which you can store your thoughts and everyday works by writing.

Uses of MS Office?

Home or Office if you work in computer. So for many tasks, you will need the tools of Microsoft Office. Let us know for what purposes these tools of MS Office are used.

1.Students own school assignments, class notes, projects, etc. Can be used to make them.

2. Using these tools, we can create reports, create and edit documents like Resume and Letters.

3. They are most used in the work of Finance and Accounting. For example, with the help of Excel sheet, you can organize different types of data.

4. Your files can be stored online with the help of them. By doing this, you will be able to access that file anytime and anywhere.

5. With the help of Microsoft Office Tools, a company can create a Create Database to manage the data of its Employees and Customers.

6. They are used to send and receive e-mail. Along with this, we can also use them to track daily tasks and manage your contacts.

7. Prepare a presentation for a conference or an Office meeting.

Not only this, we can do many things using Microsoft Office and many more tools. Overall, everyone from a student to a professional can use it to do their important work.

History of microsoft office

Microsoft Corporation founder Bill Gates announced Microsoft Office for the first time at a Computer expo trade show held in Las Vegas on August 1, 1988.

After which its first version (Office 1.0) was launched in November 1990. This version included tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Many versions of MS Office have been launched since then. Below is a list of some of the major versions of Microsoft Office launched so far.

VersionsRelease Date
Office 95August 24, 1995
Office 97Jan 16, 1997
Office 2000June 7, 1999
Office XPMay 31, 2001
Office 2003October 21, 2003
Office 2007January 30, 2007
Office 2010Jun 15, 2010
Office 2013January 29, 2013
Office 2016September 22, 2015
Office 2019September 24, 2018

what is microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a subscription based service. To avail its services, you have to pay some fees every month. It was launched in 2011.

In this, you get to use the latest version of all the tools of Microsoft Office. It comes with different subscription plan. You can choose from Personal, Business, and Family Plans as per your requirement.

To use Microsoft 365, you need to use its official website . After this, you can buy its plan according to your need by signing in with your Microsoft account.

The advantage of this is that you get to use the premium version of all Office tools. Apart from this, you also get the benefit of some additional tools and services which are not usually seen in Microsoft Office.

Features of MS Office

Following are the key features of Microsoft Office –

1. Apart from computer, you can also use Office tools from your mobile phone.

2. Each tool in Microsoft Office is designed for a specific task. From typing a letter to preparing a salary sheet, you can do many things with the help of Office.

3. Its tools are quite easy to use due to the clean and simple user interface.

4. Microsoft Office can now also be used via online.

5. If you learn to use all the tools of Microsoft Office. So it increases your chance of getting a job.

How to learn Microsoft Office

If you want to learn to use these tools of Microsoft Office. So today there are many free resources available on the internet, by looking at them, you will easily learn to use these tools. Some of the main ways you can take help.

The best way is to visit support.microsoft.com. Here you will find article and video tutorial related to each Office tool.

By reading and watching, you will easily learn to use them. There are many tutorials also available on YouTube, which you can learn skills related to Microsoft Office.

There are many online courses, with the help of which you can learn to use all the tools of the office. The good thing is, they are very cheap.

In summary

What is ms office? To give a brief description about it, it is a group of software programs, with the help of which you can do a lot of office-related tasks such as creating documents, creating a datasheet, preparing a presentation, etc.

This is why it is also called Office suite. However, it is well used in businesses as well.

Hopefully, by reading the post, you will get <\ MS Office kya hai – What is ms office in Hindi? its major tools and their usage It must have been well known.

If you still have any questions or suggestions, then please let us know through the comment. Post ( What is ms office ) If you find it informative, please share it on social media, so that this information can be reached to other people through you.

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