What is NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

Network Attached Storage: – In today’s post, we will tell you what is NAS (Network Attached Storage)? About to tell. So friends, to know about Network Attached Storage, read this post of ours till the end. Let us see what is Network Attached Storage?

Network Attached Storage
Network Attached Storage

NAS Full Form

NAS Full FormNetwork Attached Storage
NAS Full Form

What is NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

NAS full-form is “Network Attached Storage.” This is a typical computer that stores data  that too using internal and external hard drives. If a computer is connected  network , then it can share data to its connected hard drives which are connected with other systems of the network.

Although it allows multiple computers to send data back and forth, while it requires that each computer share its files individually. This is the reason that if a computer is turned off or disconnected from the network, then its files are not available for other systems.

Using NAS, computers can store and access access data that too from a centralized storage location. Here in exchange for each computer sharing its files, the shared data is stored here in a single NAS server. It provides a simpler and more reliable way to share files that too in a network.

Once a NAS server is connected to a network (typically via Ethernet), it can then be configured to share files with multiple computers in the same network. In this, if the admin wants, he can allow access to all systems or can also limit access to only a limited number of authenticated machines.

NAS servers typically have a large number of multiple hard drives which provide a fairly large amount of shared disk space to connected systems so that data can be saved.

They are often used in business networks, but now they are being used a lot in home networks as well. Since NAS uses a centralized storage device, this can be a simple way for family members who want to share and backup.

Application which runs on NAS in Hindi

Operating systems are also required to run the wide variety of applications available on NAS devices:

  • Business applications like CRM and ERP
  • Multimedia Transcoding and Service
  • Productivity tools like email, document, spreadsheet, etc.
  • collaboration and file-sharing application
  • Private/Public Cloud Integration
  • web server
  • Software Development


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