What is non ecr category?

What is non ecr category? Explained If you want to travel out of the country. The first thing that comes to your mind that is your Passport.

A passport is a type of document. That is issued by the government. In this articleWhat is non ecr category? we will discuss

What is non ecr category?

what is non ecr category? The non ecr category is an Emigration Clearance Not Required (ECNR). If you have passed 10th class/grade. Indian citizens who have passed their 10th grade/grade can get the ECNR. They do not need to clear emigration at the counter.

What is non ecr category?
What is non ecr category?

It is for certifying the identity and nationality of the holder. The passports are issued upon the educational qualification age and many other factors.

Passpost is a very important travel document. There are two categories of Indian passport.

  1. ECR
  2. Non-ECR

what is ECR

ECR is an Emigration Clearance Required. If the applicant has does not pass in 10th grade. It does not have any kind of certificates for the same.

Then your passport will be fall under ECR Category. Introduced in order to provide freedom of work for people. who wants to works in other countries (UAE, Indonesia or Iran, etc).

The Government of India has introduced very strict to living and help them.

Who can apply for ECR passport?

If the applicant has not completed his 10th grade or has completed not completed all the necessary documents to apply for a passport. The children which come in under the 15 years of age. It’s get ECR passport by default.

Countries which require clearance

There are 17 list of countries which need Emigration Clearance.

Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Indonesia, Kuwait, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Yemen and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ecr full form

The full form of ecr is Emigration Clearance Required.

Full form of bcc?

non ecr full form

The full form of non ecr is Emigration Clearance Not Required (ECNR).


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