What is Notepad?

What is Notepad is going to tell you about Notepad in today’s post? You guys must be using the computer. But if people have just learned to run the computer, then you will have many questions about the computer, what is notepad?

What is notepad
What is notepad

What is Notepad

A notepad is free software. Which comes with the window operating system. People use notepad’s software very much. notepad you get in every version. It comes with the same design in the operation system of all windows. And the same features are provided in all these window operating systems.

Notepad is a text editor application. Which has been discovered by Microsoftware company. It can be used by any window computer user. Most notepad is used to read text document create, open, save and plain text file. If any files have special text formatting. So it is not a plain text file. And notepad cannot read and edit that file.

Notepad meaning

notepad is a type of text editor program. Which is every edition of microsoftware window. Users use to open read and create plain text files in notepad. This text editor’s file is saved with .txt Extension. notepad was created by Pichard Brodie.

How to use Notepad

Notepad is a sample text editor. Which is very easy to use. Below we have given you how to use the menu option / tool. It is told.

file menu

New : – You can create new text file by using this option found in file menu.

Open : – This is done to open the option file of open.

Save and Save as : – By using this option, you can save the notepad file in the computer. When your file is saved. And you use that file again by opening it. So the film is saved with the option of save as.

Page setup : – Using this you can setup the page size and margin of notepad file.

Print : – You can get any text printed by its use.

Exit : – Using this, you can close notepad. But before closing, you must save that file.

Edit menu

You can copy, paste, delete the text using it. And you can find any particular text in the file using the find tool. You can change any word in the file by using the replace option of the edit menu. You can select all the text by using the option . select all and in this, you get the option of time and data tool in the edit menu, so you can enter the current time and data in the file to use it.

Format menu

It has given option

  1. word warp
  2. font tool

word warp : – Using this, you can adjust the text written to the window size of notepad properly.

Font tool : – With its use, you can change the style, type and size of the text of notepad. In this, you can make the text bold, italic with the help of style.

View menu

You can enlarge the text in notepad by using the option of zoom in the view menu. With its help, you can enlarge the text, you can enable and disable it from the status bar option.

Help menu

All information of notepad is available in this option. By using this, you can see all the information of notepad software without internet connection.

Notepad Vs Wordpad

different between wordpad and notepad

Features work in notepad.Wordpad has more features.
notepad is a text editor. And you can write plain text only.Wordpad is a processor, it provides more features than notepad.
Can not use an image, special text formatting in notepad.you can use everything in Wordpad
Notepad also has a lightweight application, due to this the file becomes open quickly and its use also becomes very easy.Notepad is more famous in it. Than Wordpad
With its use, you can easily create .bat extension, HTML files easily.The wordpad is used at that time. At the time you want to create many documents.
different between wordpad and notepad

Notepad Alternatives

Most people like to use notepad and then you need some more features. So you can use alternate notepad ++ of notepad.

In notepad ++ you can keep multiple files like any web browser. You can also use plugins in notepad ++. Thereby increasing the function of notepad ++. Many types of themes can be used in notepad ++. This includes developers and those who are good tools for them.

Notepad ++ kya hai?

notepad ++ is a text editor and source editor application that is used from the window computer user. notepad ++ is used in place of the notepad program available in the microsoftware window.

notepad ++ is used more for programming langauge. There are many features available in it. When someone is programming, the user saves time and helps in completing the task.

If you guys want to use notepad ++. So you want to use notepad ++. So you can download notepad ++ from the link given below.

notepad ++ download


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