What is Output Device?

What is Output Device?

Everyone should know about these input / output devices. If you do not know about the input device, then this post of ours is What is input devices?

We are surrounded by electronics devices like Computer, Mobile, Tablet. We spend most of the time with these devices. To create these devices Hardware is used.

If you talk about Computer’s Hardware Components. So some of these are keyboard, Mouse, Motherboard, Speaker, RAMHard disk, DVD drive, Monitor.

In every computer, you will get to see these devices. Some of which are Input Device, Output Device, processing and Storage Device . Let’s see What is Output Device?

What is Output Device?

What is Output Device? After any device through which we input something in the computer, the device in which we get the output. We call it the output device.

OUT means to exclude and PUT means to be full, it means to exclude. This device shows the process data outside. EX-Monitor, Speaker, Printer, Projector, Plotter.

In Monitor we can see Movie, File , folders, apps, menu, desktop, etc. are all seen on this device. Now you will be watching the same things written on my monitor.

Whether they are mobile or listen to songs in Tablet Speaker, it also makes a sound outside. The printer also prints out the printout.

Types of Output Device

Here I have told you about the output device list. We cannot tell everyone about it, but will give complete information about parts of the output device. So let’s know about them.

1. Monitor

It is an electronic device that looks like some output for computers. It looks just like a T.V. A large and fine display resolution helps us show fine graphics.

This hardware produces Video and Graphics using video card. Like TV is hung on the wall. As such, the monitor is placed on the desk.

It is used to view Video, Image, Document, app in computer. If the monitor does not exist.

What is monitor?

Monitor has some other names as well

Kabar Kabar monitor is also known by these names screen, display, video display, video display terminal, video display unit and video screen. Sometimes they are also called Computer due to lack of knowledge.

This monitor is also one of the hardware of computers. Turning off the computer and shutting down the monitor are both different things.

Facts about Monitor

The monitor is connected to HDMI, DVI, and VGA port. Other connectors are USB, Display Port, and Thunderbolt. Before purchasing a new monitor, one thing should be kept in mind that both connectors should be the same.

If your computer supports VGA and you have brought monitor, then HDMI PORT will be of no use again. By the way, Multi Port Monitor is being available in the market nowadays.

There are two types of it

1.CRT Monitor:
It uses desk space and electricity. It is the oldest used technology.
2.LCD Monitor:
One way is the flat panel display. It is a newer technology than CRT. These monitors use less desk space.

2. Printer

The printer is an output device. Which prints the information received from the computer on the page. This copy of the output on the page is called a hard copy. Document output from computer is very fast and printer is not able to work so fast.

According to the use of Technology, there are many types of printers. Whose information has already been given below

What is a printer?


This is the same as the ball-head typewriter. This type of printer consists of a wheel made of Plastic or Metal. Whose character remains. A hotpot is pressed against the ribbon.

On which a character remains. A character is formed when this pressure falls on the white paper. With this printer you can print very clear characters but those with Graphics cannot.


In this, the character is formed after ink Ribbon’s anti-Pins Strike. When the pin once collides with the paper, a dot is formed and a character is formed by the joining of several dots.
ink-jet: Ink is sprayed on a plane paper called High Quality Text and Graphics draw on paper.

Laser Printer

The technology used in the xerox machine is also in it. Laser printers can also print very high quality text and graphics.

Line Printer

It contains a lot of pins or characters in a single line. Which takes much less time to print a Sentence. This printer prints low quality content despite being too fast.

Thermal Printer

Its name is Thermal. Meaning heat sensitive paper is used in it. Heat Pins are pushed into Heat Sensitive Paper. It is used in calculators and fax machines.

Printer’s Characteristics

1. Quality: from printers that print output letters. They are divided into these 3 Qualities. We can call them letter quality, near letter quality or draft quality. Letter quality printers are named daisy-wheel, ink-jet, and laser printers.

2. Speed ​​: When talking about the speed of the printers, their measurement characters per second (cps) is shown. The more CPS, the better PRINTER. The slowest printer name is Daisy-wheel which has a speed of 30 cps. The speed of line printers is one of the fastest printers whose speed is 3000 cps. Dot-matrix printers 500 cps and laser printers 4 to 20 text pages in a minute.

3. Impact or non-impact :
Printers that strike Ink ribbon fall under the category of Impact printers. Daisy-wheel, dot-matrix, and line printers all fall under the category of impact printers’. Their names are laser printers and ink-jet printers, both of which fall under the category of non-impact printers. Impact and non-impact printer’s have the same difference, impact printer’s make a lot of noise.

4. Graphics :
Some printers like daisy-wheel and line printers can only print text. All the remaining text and Graphics Images can be printed.

5. Fonts :
dot-matrix printers have a few counted minute fonts. If you talk about laser and ink-jet printers, there are countless font projects. Daisy-wheel printers are also among the few printers.

3. Plotter

Plotter is used to obtain high quality drawing graphs on large paper. It is mainly used in engineering, building construction, city planning, map etc.

is an AC Output Device that draws pictures according to the commands given by the computers. There is a lot of difference between Plotter and Printers, in this Pen is used to draw something. Multicolor Plotters are used in different color pens.

If it is about money then this device is very expensive with printers. They are used in Engineering Application.

4. Screen Projector

Projector is also an Output Device. By using this, all the motion methods of the computer screen are shown on the big screen. Using this we can show presentations.

Output of this device can be displayed on any wall or white screen. The surface on which the light is projected on the lamp should be large, straight and white in surface size. Projectors are used to play moving images, slideshow and videos. It can show the presentation to a large number of people. The size of this device is also small and the weight is also low.

Where Projector is used

1.PowerPoint presentation to business meeting. Projected in.

2. Projector is used to classify the child into classes.

3. Multimedia (movies) in TV and Computer to play them on the big screen through Projector.

4. It is used to explain goods or services to people in Public Places.

5. To display a different type of picture on an empty wall that changes the look.

6. HDMI or VGA cables are used to connect the projectors to the computer.

  1. Speaker
    By its use we can hear the sound. It presents a soft copy of the output as sound. Speaker of computers is the speaker. It is an Output and Hardware Device. Which does Sound Generate from Computers.

The sound produced by computer speakers is generated by a component of the computer whose name is the sound card. LAPTOP already has the Speaker at the upper end of the keyboard.

How does work

Speakers – Made from a cone, an iron wire, a magnet, and housing (case). When Speakers receives electrical input from a device, it causes it to move back and forth. A Vibration is formed and due to this Vibration Sound comes out. You can hear this Vaj with your ears.

The quality of the sounds is known by these, a Frequency response, Total Harmonic Distortion and Watts.


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