What is Paytm?

What is Paytm? For some time, our country has become a lot more digital and since demonetisation, it has risen to a higher level. Today everyone has a smartphone, so everyone wants to get rid of their cash-holding habit and make the phone their wallet.

Given the growing interest of people towards cashless transactions, many digital wallets like Paytm are quickly becoming popular in the country.

What is Paytm
What is Paytm

But the biggest problem for people is that they are not fully aware of Paytm. If you have never sent or received money online or made any online payment through digital wallet before this.

So on this post (What is Paytm?) we will give you complete information about India’s most popular E-wallet i.e. Paytm. But before that let’s take a look at What is Paytm?

What is Paytm?

Paytm is a digital Paytm platform. Which provides you with an E-wallet on which you can put money through online banking, debit card and credit card.

Using Paytm wallet, you can instantly transfer money online to another person’s bank account or to his Paytm wallet without any charge. This money can be used to make similar payments in many places such as taxis and autos, petrol pumps, restaurants, coffee shops, multiplexes, parking lots, indications, hospitals and grocery stores.

Paytm means “Pay Through Mobile” means the payment of any product or service using mobile. Paytm was founded by Vijay Shekhar Sharma as a Prepaid mobile recharge website in 2010 under his company One97 communication.

During the demonetisation, the popularity of Paytm increased significantly. Apart from this, its easy and useful is also considered to be the reason for its popularity.

Why choose Paytm for online payment?

By reading the reasons mentioned below, you will be able to know: –

1.Paytm is India’s largest mobile wallet with around 450 million registered users and 130 million active users.

2. In Paytm you can transfer money to another person on his bank account or in Paytm wallet without any payment charge.

3. Paying through Paytm is easy. You can do a transaction in a few minutes by entering another person’s Paytm number or scanning the QR code.

4. In a single platform you get a lot of facilities like – Mobile Recharge, Bill Payment, Ticket Booking and Paytm Mall etc. from where you can also shop.

5. Almost all merchants in India have the facility to receive payments through Paytm, even in grocery stores, you can pay with Paytm.

6. According to online payment, Paytm is a secure platform. All financial transactions on Paytm are done with 128-Bit encryption SSL security.

7. You can get cashback during every transaction using Paytm promo codes.

How to use Paytm?

Below are the links of those posts, by reading which you will get information about creating an account in Paytm, adding money to Paytm wallet, transferring money, sending money without internet money and where to get promo codes to get cashback. .

So Paytm is a great digital payment platform that you can use to store money online and pay for products. We all know that digital payment is going on in the country.

In this case, you can also quit the habit of keeping cash by making Paytm your E-wallet. You can get more information about Paytm by visiting the link of other posts (What is Paytm?) given in this post. Hope this post is enlightening to you, if you have any questions or suggestions, then please do comment by commenting.

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