What is PCB?

In today’s post, we are going to tell you What is PCB and what is the full form of PCB. Who is going to give complete information about PCB? So friends, read this post till the end to know about PCB. Let’s see What is PCB

What is PCB
What is PCB

PCB full form

PCB full formPrinted Circuit Board
PCB full form

PCB full form in electronicsPCB full form in computer

PCB full formPrinted Circuit Board
PCB full form in electronicsPCB full form in computer

Meaning of PCB

PCB means Printed Circuit Board. It is an electronic circuit. Which is used in devices. So that mechanical support and electronic components can be provided routing.

It is a non-conductive material. For example, separate sheets of Fibre glass and Plastic are made together. Which easily holds the circuitry of copper.

PCB is also called Printed Wiring Board (PWB) or Etched Wiring Board (EWB).

What is PCB?

What is PCB PCB is a copper laminated and non-conductive printed circuit board, in which all electrical and electronic components are connected together in a common board. In which there is physical support for all the components along with the base of the board.

When PCB was not developed then at that time all the components are connected to a wire. Which would increase the complexity and decrease the reliability of the circuit, thus we Could not build very large circuits like the Motherboard.

In PCB, all components are connected without wire. All components are connected internally, so this reduces the complexity of the composite circuit design.

PCB is used to provide power and connectivity between components. By which it works the way it is designed.

PCB users can be customized for any specifications as per their requirement. It occurs in many electronics devices. like; TV, Mobile, Digital Camera, Computer Parts (eg; Graphic card, motherboard etc.)

Also, it is used in many areas. Such as medical equipment, industrial machinery, automotive industry, lighting, etc.

Types of PCB

There are many types of PCBs available for Circuit.

  1. Single Layer PCB
  2. Double Layer PCB
  3. Multi-Layer PCB
  4. Flexible PCB
  5. Rigid PCB
  6. Flex-rigid PCB

Single Layer PCB

Single Layer PCB is also known as Single sided pcb. This type of PCB is the easiest and most commonly used PCB. Because they are easy for PCB Design and Construction.

One side of this PCB is coated with a layer of any Conducting material. Mostly Copper is used as a Conducting material for PCB. Because copper has a very good characteristic characteristic.

After the silk screen to mark all the components on the PCB, a layer of Solder mask is used to protect the PCB against oxidation.

In this type of PCB, only one side of the PCB is used to connect different types of electrical or electronics components such as Resistors, Capacitors, Instructors etc. These components are solder.

These PCBs are used in Bulk Manufacturing applications like Calculator, radio, printer and solid-state drive.

Double Layer PCB

Double layer PCB is also called Double Sided PCB. In this type of PCB, a thin layer of copper, such as a conducting material, is applied both above and below the board.

In PCB, different layers of the board consist of, via. In which the related event has two pads on different layers. It is electrically connected to a hole through the board. As shown in Shape.

More Flexible, Relatively Low Cost, and the most important advantage of this type of PCB Board is its small size. Which makes the circuit compact.

This type of PCB is mostly used in industrial control, converter, UPS system, HVAC applications, phone, amplifier and power monitoring system.

Multi-Layer PCB

Multi-layer PCBs have more than two layers. This means that this type of PCB has at least three Conducting layers of copper.

The glue is sandwiched between layers of insulation to secure the board. Which ensures that the extra heat will not damage any of the components of the circuit.

This type of PCB designing is very complex and very less space and very complex and large electricity is used in the compact circuit.

This type of PCB is used in large applications like GPS technology, satellite system, medical equipment, file server and data storage.

Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB is also called Flex circuit. Flexible plastic materials such as Polyamide, PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) or Transparent Conductive Polyester Film are used in such PCBs.

Folded and twisted on the circuit board. This is a very complex type of PCB. And it consists of separate layers like single sided flex circuit, double sided flex circuit and multiside flex circuit.

Flex circuits are used in laptops such as Organic light emitting diode, LCD fabrication, Flex Solar Cell, Automotive Industries, Cellular Telephone, Camera and Complex Electronics Devices.

Rigid PCB

Rigid PCBs are made of solid material. Which prevent the PCB from being twisted. Eg Computer motherboard

Similar as Flex PCB, Rigid PCB has different layer configuration like Single layer, Double layer and Multi-layer Rigid PCB. The size of this PCB does not change after installation.

Flex-rigid PCB

It is the most important board made up of a combination of Flexible Circuit and Rigid Circuit. Flex-rigid boards have multiple layers of many flexible PCBs. Which connect to many Rigid PCB layer. Flex-rigid board as shown in the picture. It is used in Cell phone, Digital camera and Automobile etc.

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