What is Ping?

What is Ping? What goes in your mind as soon as you hear the name, do you also think that Ping happens only in games? If you think the same way then you should read this post completely.

In this blog, I am going to tell you what is ping and how does it work? If you already know about this then it is a very good thing, still, you can read this blog What is Ping You might have to learn something new will get.

What is Ping
What is Ping

Because we are going to learn in simple words through this blog (What is Ping in Hindi) what PING   What is Ping in Hindi What does Ping mean in Internet or networking? how does it work ? And how can we do ping test on our device

What is PING?

Whenever data has to be sent or received on the Internet, it is sent in the form of data packets and the amount of time (in ms) it takes to send or receive these data packets without any error. This is what is called PING.
The full form of PING is Packet InterNet Gropper, Ping was created in 1983 by Mike Musse to solve the problem of IP Network. PING is done to test the connectivity between any two networking medium.

Ping test mainly requires two things, in which the first is a server which can also be called host and second is a node which can also be called client. From this test, we get to know whether your client (computer, server or another device) can make stable connectivity with any other device on a network or not.

When a node or client sends a signal/message to another server (host), after the host accepts the message, it sends feedback to the node, this process can also be called a PING request. And the time it takes to do the whole process is called Ping Time or Ping.
Because Ping Time is very short, so it is measured in ms(milliseconds). With Ping Test, we can easily know that your device is not able to communicate well with any network server.

Meaning of Ping

Ping meaning in Hindi is Vibration of sound. This is the name of standard utility software. Which is used to determine whether your computer or node is connected to a server or not, if connected then what is the latency in it?
With the ping test, you can also know that how much is the speed of the data being transferred. A ping test is not the same as an internet speed test, which lets you know how fast your internet connection is for a specific website.

How Ping Test Works

Although you will need a computer to do the ping test, if you do not have a computer, then you can also do the ping test with the help of a smartphone. First of all, how can we doping test on the computer? will learn about

The ICMP protocol is used to handle the request and response of the transfer data in the ping test.
The full name of ICMP is Internet Control Message Protocol. When we start Ping Test, ICMP message is sent from node to server, then receiver detects the incoming message and reply to ICMP Ping. The time taken to send the request and receive the reply from the local device is called PING TIME which is displayed in ms (milliseconds).

How to Test Ping in Windows on Computer or Laptop?

Ping test in Windows is very easy. For this, App system is inbuilt in Windows named  command prompt , from which ping test can be done. For Ping test you must have at least IP address or hostname. So Let us know one by one how you can test ping on your computer with IP address and hostname. 

1. How to test ping from computer by IP address?

Like I told you in the beginning that if you are doing this on windows then you can use Command Prompt App of your computer. 

How to open command prompt

First Method :- Search by typing the search option Command Prompt on the task bar. Then the App will open on your interface. The RUN command will open, in the search box in the command  Type ping IP Address or Hostname and press Enter

2. How to Ping Host Name or DNS. 

To test ping with hostname or DNS, first you have to open command prompt, after that you can test by typing ping syntax. 

There are some such facts which are important to understand, let us explain some important results.

Given above are some of the successfully completed ping results. There are some facts in this which are important to understand, let us explain some important results.

1.Reply From: In ping test, when pinging is complete, a series of four messages comes from the target computer which comes from the pinged IP or hostname.

2.Bytes: In each result, 32 bytes of data is sent to you.

3. Time: The time it takes to send and receive messages from the node to the server is called ping time, which is shown in milliseconds.

4. TTL: The full form of TTL is Time to Live. This tells us how many different networks the message passes through before reaching the TTL target. And this value can be between 1 to 128.

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