What is Potential transformers

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What is Potential transformers
What is Potential transformers

What is Potential transformers?

Potential transformers is known as PT voltage transformer. This step down transformer. Whose turn ratio is very accurate.

Potential transformers voltage is mapped to the measuring instrument. There is too much of a primary turn. And very rarely occurs in the secondary turn.

“Potential transformers are used to lower the voltage of an electrical system. It comes to work as Stepping Down and it works like a step down transformer”.

What is Potential transformers?

Type of Potential Transformer

  • Outdoor Potential Transformers
  • Wound Type Conventional Potential Transformer
  • Capacitive Voltage Transformers

How work Potential transformers

Potential transformers reduce the high voltage to a lower voltage in the output. It is used for high transmission. It is used because higher transmission voltage is used in the transmission line.

Like any volt meter 33 kg volt or more than two lakh 20 thousand kV cannot check this much voltage. At this time we can use PT to change that high voltage to a lower voltage. Then later mange the voltage from PC with the help of volt meter.

What is PT ratio

Its ratio is written just like the CT ratio. There is also a PT ratio on PT. Which is called PT ratio. For example, 1000/1 converts 1000 ampere into one ampere. The same PT has a ratio. There is a PT and its ratio 11000/110 is output by converting PT 11000 voltage to 110 voltage.

what is Current Transformer?

Difference between CT and PT

Current TransformerPotential Transformer
CT is used to measure the value.PT is used to measure the voltage.
This is connected to the series.It is connected with a system of parallel.
Its ratio range comes to 1 ampere and 5 ampere.Its ratio comes in 110 voltage.
The output parameter emitted from it is connected with ampere meter
The output emitted from it is connected with volt meter.
This step up transformer Happens.It is a step down transformer.
difference between CT and PT

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