What is primary memory?

What is primary memory as you would know, that the main part of a computer is memory. In the Computer System, memory is divided into two parts. Which is called Primary and Secondary Memory. In today’s post, we need to know your primary memory. Let’s see What is primary memory

What is primary memory
What is primary memory

What is primary memory?

Computer has Primary Memory Main Memory . Which Data and stores the program. The Processing Unit ( CPU) .

Primary Memory is of three types in which RAM, ROM and Cache Memory are. Its storage capacity is very less. But it Secondary storage ( HDD and SDD ) much faster than data Provides

This memory is Volatile and Non-volatile. In this, Volatile means this memory, which only stores the data till the computer starts. And non-volatile has that memory. Which can store data for a long time.

It is near the CPU in the Main Circuit Board. So whatever data is in Primary Memory. So CPU reads that data very fast.

Primary Memory is also known as Internal Memory and Primary Storage . This memory is made from semiconductor and is more expensive than secondary storage.

Types of primary memory in Hindi

Primary Memory is of three types

  1. RAM
  2. ROM
  3. Cache Memory

1. RAM

The full name of RAM is Random Access Memory. This is called the main memory of the computer. Whenever you open any software or files in Computer. So it first loads in RAM. After which the CPU is called by the Process .

Therefore it is also called Temporary Memory. It stores any data till then. As long as the CPU needs it. It is very fast in comparison to other storage devices. RAM is a Volatile . There are mainly two types of RAM:

1. SRAM : – The fullform of SRAM is “Static Random Access Memory”. It works as main memory in the computer. And also very expensive.

2. DRAM : – DROM’s fullform is “Dynamic Random Access Memory”. And it is very cheap.

What is RAM .

2. ROM

The full form of ROM is Read Only Memory. It is readable only and in this, the store data and program can only be read. Those Fixed Programs are stored in ROM Chip. Which does not need to be modified.

ROM is Non-Volatile and the computer’s Switch Off, even though the program and data in it is not erased. It stores data permanently.

ROM is a slower memory and it is cheaper than RAM. There are three types of ROMs:

1. PROM : – PROM’s fullform is “Programmable Read Only Memory”.

2. EPROM : – The fullform of EPROM is “Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory”.

3. EEPROM : – The fullform of EEPROM is “Electrically Programmable Read Only Memory”.

What is ROM?

3. Cache Memory

Cache memory is a small size memory in the computer. Which stores data and instruction. So that they become available for CPU immediately if needed. Cache memory stores temporary data.

What is Cache Memory ?

features of Primary memory :

1. This memory stores those programs or data. Which is processed by the CPU.

2. The primary memory computer is directly connected to the CPU.

3. It is also known as Semiconductor Memory .

4. Primary memory is quite fast in comparison to secondary storage.

5. It is very expensive compared to secondary storage device.

6. Cannot work in computer without Primary Memory.

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