What is Python?

What is Python?

What is Python? Python is a powerful object-oriented programming language. It is more powerful than Perl, Rub, or java. It is a combination of c and java. It is used for website building, app development, machine learning, data analysis, web scraping, or natural language processing language.

What is Python?
What is Python?

it is a popular programming language course of syntax programming or readability.

It gives security for dynamic typing and dynamic binding. For that is using in the rapid application.

it is also an interpreted language. it means that the program is returned in python language. its is does not need a compilation to run the program. The program is a modular style design. The code of the python program is also used in the project.

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History of Python

it was discover by Guido Van Rossum in the year 1990. its starting form National Institute For mathematics and computer science Netherlands. In that time one TV show ‘Monty Python flying circus. This TV show the name of Python taken this show.

Features of Python

  1. it is a easy to learn.
  2. In this language the procedure and object oriented both is available.
  3. it is high level language.
  4. This is a scalable language (big library)
  5. it’s is also interpreted language.
  6. it is a platform Independent.

Application of Python

  • we can make a web application and the framework which is used in Django, Pyramid, Flask, bottle
  • it also in desktop GUI application and the framework which is used in Tkinter.
  • Games and 3D Application
  • Console based application
  • Data Analysis – Matplotlib, seaborn
  • Data Science
  • Business Application
  • mobile application
  • Machine Learning– sci-kit-learn and Tensorflow
  • scientific and numeric

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