What is RCCB – Type of RCCB

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What is RCCB?
What is RCCB?

RCCB full form

RCCB का full formResidual current circuit breaker
RCCB full form

RCCB full form in electrical

RCCB full form in electrical isResidual current circuit breaker
use of RCCB in electricalIt is used to avoid electric mourning.
RCCB full form in electrical

Meaning of RCCB

RCCB full name is “Residual current circuit breaker”. It is used to avoid electric bereavement. Most of the devices in our house are connected to the switch board. Such as freezers, heaters, washing machines T. V etc. If circuit comes in any wire, it fails in all the switch boards of our house. Meanwhile, if any person touches any one of the switch boards. So use electric may feel sad.

What is Fuse?

What is RCCB?

Electrical has many types of circuit breakers. Such as: – ACB, VCB, MCB and MCCB etc. Circuit breaker means a device that turns off the automatic supply after any electrical fault occurs. It has a flame voltage circuit breaker. It is used within 1000 voltage.

What fault does RCCB protect against?

The main function of residual current circuit breaker is to have automatic trip when leakage current is present.

Meaning of leakage current: – Whenever we run any device. So spends the current of that device. This current flows throughout the circuit. If you have ever used a single phase motor. So it takes as much current as motor. This current will flow in the phase wire and the neutral wire. Both these wires have the same current flow.

The RCCB checks these currents only in the current phase and the same current flows in the neutral. RCCB is used for this.

Why we use RCCB

RCCB is used for our safety. Just as MCB is used to protect our devices, the RCCB is also used for human protection.

Type of RCCB

There are three types of RCCB: –


AC Type RCCB is used to supply AC. AC Type Rccb is good for your home.


A Type RCCB is used by Pulse. It is used at that place. Where the supply is in the pulse foam.


B Type RCCB is used for both AC and smooth DC current.

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