What is Remote Sensing?

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What is Remote Sensing
What is Remote Sensing

What is Remote Sensing?

Remote Sensing is a technique. In which information about any area or place is detected with the help of sensors. In this, rejected energy and radiation are used by the sensor earth. In this, you have to know about any place, the focus is on that place.

Types of Remote Sensing

It has two types: –

  1. Active remote sensing
  2. passive remote sensing

Active Remote Sensing

Active Remote Sensing has its own light emission source. This device leaves the sensing instrument at that place. In which place sensors have to be done. An image is formed according to that transmit light or waves.

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Devices used in Active Remote Sensing
  • Radar
  • Lidar 
  • Ranging instruments
  • Scattermeter
  • Laser altimeter
  • Sounder

Passive Remote Sensing

Passive Remote Sensing does not have its own light emission source. This sensing instrument depends on sunlight. Therefore passive remote sensing cannot be used at any time.

Device used in Passive Remote Sensing
  • Image radiometer
  • Spectrometer
  • Radiometer
  • Sounder
  • Accelerometer

Application of Remote Sensing

1. This is used to detect fire in large forests.

2. Remote Sensing is also used to know about meteorological.

3. On any ship, the sonar system is used to find out about something inside the ocean.

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