What is Resistance

Do you know What is Resistance resistor is passive electrical components. This causes obstruction in the flow of electric current.

What is Resistance
What is Resistance

This hindrance is called resistance. If we talk about electricity, then all the materials of electricity are mainly of two categories. First conductors and second insulators. The resistance level in conductors is equal to no. And insulators have a much higher resistance level.

meaning of Resistance

Resistance means to create a blockage in the current happening in any device. The higher the resistance, the more hindrances arise. This resistance is called precision control.

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What is Resistance

Resistance is to create an obstruction in the current flowing in any circuit is called resistance. You will find it in the electrical network and electronic circuit. It is measured in ohms.

ohms one occurs. Whenever a current one passes through the resistor of an ampere. Which has a drop across both terminals. It is proportional to the current-voltage across the two terminals. This ratio is called OHM’s Law.

R = V/ I
OHM’s Law

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