What is scanner and its types

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What is scanner and it types
What is scanner and it types

Meaning of scanner

The scanner’s job in our computer is to scan hard copy. The scanner is the most important part of the computer. scanner is an input hardware. Which digital inputs the data. Nowadays technology is used more in place of document. With which technology is getting bigger day by day. An example of which is scanner. Which is used a lot.

What is scanner

scanner is an input device. Takes computer data and information into digital. If you want to save hard copy (like photo, picture, text, document, etc.) to computer. So you have to take help of scanner.

Whenever we have to use any document on the computer. So that document can be hard copy or print. And if you want to save the hard copy photo on the computer, then you need a scanner. Through which we can save any document by doing the same scan.

With the use of Printer, we can print out any document. From this, we can save the black, white and colourful document on the computer by scanning it. To know more about the printer, our post What is the printer? Must read With the help of the scanner, you can also scan the black, white and colourful document and save it on the computer.

In earlier times there was black and white photo, if you have an old photo. So you can make that photo colorful with the help of scanner. And you can make the size of that photo small and large. And can corp the photo as well.

You can scan a scanned photo with a browser or software (Adobe photoshop , in CorelDraw & nbsp; microsoft office etc) and edit that photo as well. Can make any type of photo colorful.

The scanner needs a USB cable to connect to the computer. Bluetooth can also connect scanner with power cable. Power cable is used to power scanner.

scanner was invented in 1957, many companies make scanner like hp, epson etc.

How Scanners Work in Hindi

For scanner to work, it is necessary to have scanner driver software in the computer. The hard copy is placed in the scanner, then the scanner scans the hard copy. After that the scanned document is saved in the computer.

type of scanner

Flatbed scanner

This scanner is used a lot. This scanner paper and image automatic moves forward. This scanner is scanned by placing the paper on top of a glass. computer is more used of this scanner.

Drum scanner

This was the first scanner. In this, photo multiplies tube is used. It scans the image in good quality. Which is printed book and imagazine. That company uses the drum scanner itself.

Hand scanner

It is similar to a flatbed scanner. Paper manually moves

OCR scanner

It has fullform optical character recognition. It can easily read the data printed on paper. This scanner is used in passport.

OMR scanner

It has a fullform optical mark recognition. It is used to check the answer sheet.

BCR scanner

Its fullform bar is a cod reader. This bar is used to read cod.

MICR scanner

Its fullform is magnetic ink character recognition. It is used to read the magnetic character.

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